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  1. Charlotte Lala

    Ink Cutter

    Hello, I just noticed that one of my "blades" is almost like a pen. This might be a given, but what type of projects can I do with this ink on my vinyl? Does the ink hold up on projects that will be placed outdoors? (i'm guessing not too much). Is this ink blade more for smaller projects that do not require a lot of color to begin with? If you have any examples of what you have done, that would be great to give me an idea.
  2. Charlotte Lala


    Good Morning, This might be a given, but I need to make car magnets but am having the hardest time finding a way to slice these magnets. Do they make magnet slicers out there to get a nice and straight line, or is it just best for me to trace something and use a small straight edge? Thanks,
  3. Charlotte Lala

    Magnet rounder/slicer

    I am in need of a slicer/rounder to cut my car magnets. Where can I purchase one that wont break the bank? I have seen some pricey options over $100.00. Thanks,
  4. Charlotte Lala

    Colored Magnets 30 MIL

    I am looking for some colored magnets that are 30MIL. I do not see any that USCutter offers. Do any of you have any recommendations for good quality but still at a good price? Thanks,
  5. Charlotte Lala


    Am I able to incorporate my own my own logo on the LTR software? I see there is a section for general clip art but I would love to put my own logo that I have had drawn up or other simple pictures from online to put on my vinyl piece. I do not see any Help section on how to do that. Thanks, Char
  6. Charlotte Lala

    Vinyl Crinkle Issue

    I tried to move the pinch rollers without any luck. I have heard that it may be a bit hard to move but I feel like I might break it. I am not seeing anything in the manual right off hand, but is there something I need to loosen before moving them?
  7. Charlotte Lala

    Vinyl Crinkle Issue

    This just shows how much of a newbie I am. I was not aware I could actually move the rollers. Thank you. I will try this.
  8. I am new to using a vinyl machine. I am cutting 3X10.5 using regular vinyl stickers. I put a piece in that is about a foot long to give it some room and the blade seems to work just fine until it gets towards the side without any rollers on it and started to lift up. The only solution I found to this is putting a vinyl strip that is as long as the machine so rollers hold it on both sides; but this does not seem right. What can I do to fix it from picking up when the blade is cutting? I tried reducing the speed and the force without any luck. The picture I provided is with myself pushing the vinyl to show what it usually looks like when the blade goes over it since I could not seem to upload the video that way. Thanks in advance. -Charlotte