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  1. stickygrafix

    Something I didn't know I could do!!

    have any pictures you could show of the finished product?
  2. stickygrafix

    Clean Lines

    what program are we talking about? With coreldraw there is a way to do it.
  3. stickygrafix

    Computer Question

    I've used this program before to do it:
  4. stickygrafix

    Care Bear
  5. stickygrafix

    cell phone skins

    you guys are awesome, now does anyone have some skins for cellphones and GUITAR HERO??? lmao
  6. stickygrafix

    Mini Cooper Vector Graphic

    don't say I never gave ya nothing. lmao
  7. stickygrafix

    Thank you USCutter team

    for changing back to the old format skin. I hated the other skin so bad I wouldn't visit but now everything is good again!!!! Thanks! :thanks: :well done: :woohoo: :you rock:
  8. stickygrafix

    have heat press finally, BUT.....

    we were told you could use wax paper (the kind you would use for baking cookies) lol
  9. stickygrafix

    Font Help...need asap!

    just thought I'd let everyone know that I found the font that I was needing. it was Turok and was a free font at that. Thanks again everyone!
  10. stickygrafix

    Help, need to buy a cutter

    I'm selling my refine 721 right now. JUST the machine, no stand and no blade holder. (but you can buy a new holder on here for I think $30) and you can have my copy of signblazer too.
  11. stickygrafix

    Font Help...need asap!

    Ok, I'm almost sure this isn't drawn by the artist because...well...the guy isn't that artistic! lol Can anyone identify this font?
  12. stickygrafix

    new clip art

    opens fine in coreldraw x3
  13. stickygrafix

    Etched vinyl

    someone on here posted a link for a place that you can get a free sample of it. I have actually received a total of 4 rolls of it (24"x5 yards). I haven't used it yet, but I believe it was avery and is called etchmark?
  14. stickygrafix

    Celtic or Gaelic Knots
  15. stickygrafix

    Adobe instructions nightmare.

    my question is, adobe what? Adobe photoshop, illustrator, acrobat, flash, etc.?