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    Font is cutting three times..

    thanks, What is weird, I had it in WinPc and it was great then I put it in the Cuts alot and wow, it's so messed up. Thank you for looking at it. I will be starting all over and make a new one.
  2. SimpleSue

    Font is cutting three times..

    thanks everyone. I am trying to Use my winpc sign software instead. I 'm just trying to get my computer and cutter to get on the same page LOL .
  3. SimpleSue

    Font is cutting three times..

    I hope this how I do this. I have never done this before. It does have multiples copies stacked on some but can't get them off. I tried to ungroup and all it says is to group. 14 x 24.scut3
  4. I don't know much about this software, which is sure cuts a lot pro 3 . I used another software, which I liked using, do to a new cutter the software is so different. My fonts (text) are cutting three times, almost every letter. I do I fix this and clean it up. Using the Simplify path, is not working You can only go up to 100 and I need more to get it way less nodes, to keep Simplify , it is taking way to long. What can I do and get it done faster? Thanks in advance.