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  1. This forum is pure gold. Thank you all again Happy cutting!
  2. Ah, all good info everyone thank you very much. Whats your experience with off-brand blade packs? I'm very aware of "you get what you pay for" but I figured I would ask since they are pricey.
  3. Alright, I'll slow it way down and play with the force a bit. The test feature is great, I'm aware of it and use it. As far as I'm aware, a 60 degree blade if for thicker materials? I'm cutting super thin material. Whats your thinking on this?
  4. I've definitely got the right blade depth. I swear I've read you post this same thing a hundred times throughout this forum, I've tripple checked that I'm at the right depth, I'm not scoring the wax paper just barely marking. Its definitely working correctly. I appreciate the input though. Certain small text like I'm cutting just doesn't want to separate as easily from the weeded out parts if they're small pieces and running 2 passes has fixed it substantially. Its night and day difference. That being said, I'm open for suggestions to getting it to work with one pass. I'm running 25 speed and 22 Force. Would you suggest going higher in force?
  5. Wow, I was looking completely in the wrong section. Thank you! Btw, thanks for all your contributions to this forum. I've been a forum lurker for a while and got a lot of things answered by you just by searching. I'm cutting Lumina 2100. Its behaves somewhat like oracal 951, but it does seem to "self heal" when cut, which makes it especially tricky to weed small text. Single pass is fine majority of the time, but double pass helps immensely on small text for what I'm doing at least. I think because it's sort of flexible and has a sticking effect to itself when cut. My theory anyway.
  6. I just upgraded to a Graphtech and I can't seem to find the option to do a double pass and all my googling isn't turning up anything so far. Is this something possible in CM4? The vinyl I'm cutting small text out of weeds effortlessly if I do a double pass on the cut. I'm using a ce7000-40 btw. Thanks!