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  1. Yes, that is what I select for the cutter and it opens a blank window. Nothing listed. I can see the cutter in printers, but not under cutters.
  2. No it is free standalone software. So apparently anyone can download for free from the Graphtec site. The PRO and PLUS need licensing/activation, which I don't have.
  3. Yes it is on and has a sheet of vinyl in it. We just purchased this new laptop from Dell. UUGGHH!!!
  4. I have confirmed it's on GP GL. Found that while researching last nite.
  5. Graphtec Studio (GS) from their software page. We purchased this cutter from someone so no license or activation codes.
  6. Yes @MZ SKEETER I downloaded from their site.
  7. @bikemike is this in Graphtec Studio? I'm not seeing this option. My options across the top of the app are File, Edit, View, Cutter, Object and Help. I'm using Graphtec Studio release 2.2.1252gs
  8. I have my Graphtec ce6000-40 installed. I have Graphtec Studio software running on a Dell Windows 10 laptop. The cutter controller opens as normal. When I open the app, I cannot see the cutter listed. The window is blank. The cutter is powered on, vinyl sheet loaded and selected. Also verified GP type is selected. Why is my cutter not visible within the application??? I've uninstalled and reinstalled from the website and rebooted and powe cycled the cutter.
  9. We purchased a Graphtec ce6000-40 from another individual. She did a factor reset and provided the installs via usb drive. I did the multi install but I cannot get the graphic plotter and laptop to see one another. I get a connection error 1121 when opening the Graphic Cutting Control Plotter. Initially I was receiving a driver error but after doing a printer type install and selecting the driver that resolved. Any ideas on error 1121? Dell Windows 10 laptop 64bit