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  1.   Is there a chance that the cutter was plugged in to the Win 10 machine before installing the driver from Graphtec? Windows has been known to attempt to install a driver that it thinks will work. That Win driver seems to block any other drivers installed after.

      If so, I would disconnect the cutter from the computer, uninstall any/all drivers connected to cutter and reboot. After reboot, first install the driver from Graphtec and then plug the cutter into the computer.



  2.   I have developed a tool holder to allow me to cut through vinyl and backing with my CE-6000-60 Plus and wonder if I can get any tips when cutting material. Since cutting completely through can leave the balance of material structurally compromised, I find that as the vinyl is rolled, it can get bunched up. I only have the two push rollers, so I have to watch the cutting process more carefully and try to "help" as the job progresses. I'm not sure additional push rollers would even help with some of my designs.

      Do I need to plan on leaving more material (more waste) to help make sure the jobs are completed without problems? The software I am using does not present built in holding tabs to help hold the material for post processing, so I am looking into alternative methods or possibly reprogram the software to optionally include tabs.

      What tips can you give me?


  3. I am hoping someone can help with the proper format of the GP-GL Set Origin command with the Graphtec CE-6000Plus. If I use SO or SO0 I can set the X axis, but the current Y axis is not set. I tried SO1 and SO2, but no go. I see the Set Origin command may not be available to older CE-5000, but since the X axis can be set on the CE-6000Plus, I am assuming the Y axis could be too.

    What am I missing? Thanks!


  4. 5 hours ago, darcshadow said:

    If that worked for you awesome, but that doesn't seem right. Step size is a physical characteristic of the stepper motor and gear/belt sizes. Using the number you mentioned, 1 step is equal to 1/254 of an inch. Changing the value in the software to 2540 means the software will think 1 step equals 1/2540 of an inch and it will send 10 step commands to move 1/254 of an inch. The hardware however, will see those 10 step commands and move a total of 10/254 of an inch. The design will come out 10x larger than intended.

    I agree. I would be interested to see the code that is produced by the software at 2540.

      I don't use GraphtecProStudio, but use GPGL code and select 1016 steps. If output is cut to size, I suspect the software is converting the 2540 steps. Resolution may be better, but I imagine only fractionally.

      But, hey, if it works, it works. Don't stop...

  5. When the roll gets too light, I do place a 3/4" or 1" steel  pipe in the core to keep it from jumping off. I wonder if my acceleration is a bit lower as I don't see any violent moves while cutting the weed box (that would put the grit rollers under high stress). If I send multiple copies from software, I'm not going to pull out 40 feet ahead of time - or, at least, I don't want to as I don't have a pre-feed basket to keep the vinyl clean before running it through the cutter.

  6. I don't think I have ever pre-fed the vinyl on my 6000. But, I usually place a weed box around my design and that gets cut first, so the job kind of pre-feeds the roll for me. Since the box represent straight lines, those pen down moves are fairly calm, I'm guessing that is why I get away with it. That and the vinyl roll stock shafts are riding on bearings.

  7.   I am gathering that 1016 per inch (40mm) is more like a default number, but I understand some Roland engravers use 2540 per inch (100mm) units as I am sure other machines would also. I have built CNC tables and understand calibrating, but never calibrated my Graphtec CE 6000-60. I ensure my graphics software outputs accurately to real-world dimensions and I tell the post processor to send GPGL code in default units to a printer (the 6000) and automagically the code sends 4064 to move 4 inches.

      One reason I can think of to allow fine adjustments is to allow for a graphics program that are designed more for graphics where accuracy isn't easily obtainable. Mechanical wear (not loose) might be another.

  8. 22 hours ago, Dakotagrafx said:

    actually biggest mistake I ever made - hold onto and love that ce6000  IMHO


    19 hours ago, haumana said:

    Get the 7000, but definitely hold on to the 6000.

    Thanks. I see they had problems with the 7000 from the beginning which really surprised me that they didn't catch it. I am hoping they fix it someday. For how I use the cutter, I couldn't have two cutters at this time. I am happy with the 6000 for what it is allowed to do, so no rush at this time. Thanks for the replies.

  9. Read the manual that came with it.

    When I researched cutters, I went to Graphtec's website and looked at the manual for the 6000. That manual indicated that the tool holder had the dual slot. I ordered the cutter only to find out the model for America does not have the dual slot holder. Mentioned the website manual  to Graphtec and basically received a too-bad, so-sad.

      My cutter does have a recessed slot just beyond the cut strip, though.

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  10. I designed a piece in 2015 and was selling it for years when I was served notice that a company has a trademark on the wording. After looking into the details, I find that they filed for the trademark in 2017 and received approval in 2019. I never filed anything originally and am not going to fight this although I feel, morally, my design belongs to me. Legally, I am sure I would be in the wrong had I kept selling the item. I should have offered to sell them my design (for a very large sum).


      They did offer for me to start selling their items for them, though... >:(

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  11. Yes, I know how software licensing works AFTER registering it. Thanks for the recap, there. I haven't registered it, so, technically, I cannot legally transfer it. I wouldn't be selling the license as you seem to think. Contacting Graphtec would have probably lead me to the information (who the owner is). Like I said, I haven't looked at the software as it is not necessary in our environment.

  12. 31 minutes ago, MZ SKEETER said:

    This vinyl cutter can cut "objects" just fine.  The primary use of a vinyl cutter is to cut vinyl, with a backing paper. Which is what the sign world is all about.  Designs, text etc. HTV for shirts and other vinyl with backing paper.  You wanted to cut whatever you were cutting all the way thru to the teflon cutting strip.  That is not the use of a regular  Graphtec CE6000-60 vinyl cutter. A regular vinyl cutter will cut sign vinyl, for designs and text. For Much more money the only cutter out there with the groove for cutting without a carrier sheet is the Graphtec FC8600 and lower models of FC vinyl cutters. 

    All your information is easy to grasp after getting the cutter. Perhaps Graphtec should clarify this better (for me, at least) with the manual they have to download for the CE6000 Plus. It shows a dual holder mount - one position to cut. BTW, just trying to point this out to the OP, just in case it may matter to them. Also, the mount shown in the downloaded manual is not the mount included with mine.


    Screenshot from 2019-07-06 19-01-03.png