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  1. I am hoping someone can help with the proper format of the GP-GL Set Origin command with the Graphtec CE-6000Plus. If I use SO or SO0 I can set the X axis, but the current Y axis is not set. I tried SO1 and SO2, but no go. I see the Set Origin command may not be available to older CE-5000, but since the X axis can be set on the CE-6000Plus, I am assuming the Y axis could be too. What am I missing? Thanks!
  2. I agree. I would be interested to see the code that is produced by the software at 2540. I don't use GraphtecProStudio, but use GPGL code and select 1016 steps. If output is cut to size, I suspect the software is converting the 2540 steps. Resolution may be better, but I imagine only fractionally. But, hey, if it works, it works. Don't stop...
  3. When the roll gets too light, I do place a 3/4" or 1" steel pipe in the core to keep it from jumping off. I wonder if my acceleration is a bit lower as I don't see any violent moves while cutting the weed box (that would put the grit rollers under high stress). If I send multiple copies from software, I'm not going to pull out 40 feet ahead of time - or, at least, I don't want to as I don't have a pre-feed basket to keep the vinyl clean before running it through the cutter.
  4. I don't think I have ever pre-fed the vinyl on my 6000. But, I usually place a weed box around my design and that gets cut first, so the job kind of pre-feeds the roll for me. Since the box represent straight lines, those pen down moves are fairly calm, I'm guessing that is why I get away with it. That and the vinyl roll stock shafts are riding on bearings.
  5. I am gathering that 1016 per inch (40mm) is more like a default number, but I understand some Roland engravers use 2540 per inch (100mm) units as I am sure other machines would also. I have built CNC tables and understand calibrating, but never calibrated my Graphtec CE 6000-60. I ensure my graphics software outputs accurately to real-world dimensions and I tell the post processor to send GPGL code in default units to a printer (the 6000) and automagically the code sends 4064 to move 4 inches. One reason I can think of to allow fine adjustments is to allow for a graphics program that are designed more for graphics where accuracy isn't easily obtainable. Mechanical wear (not loose) might be another.
  6. Thanks. I see they had problems with the 7000 from the beginning which really surprised me that they didn't catch it. I am hoping they fix it someday. For how I use the cutter, I couldn't have two cutters at this time. I am happy with the 6000 for what it is allowed to do, so no rush at this time. Thanks for the replies.
  7. Yes, please do. If improved, I might think about selling my 6000 60 plus to get the 7000 for the few features the 7000 has over the 6000.
  8. Without knowing more about the hardware/tool setup, I would look at the software. Each start/stop looks too consistent and I would look if the software is adding either a lead in or lead out. Next I would look for a software option to add a little overcut in an attempt to clean up start/stop area. I can't tell which direction it cut, though.
  9. Read the manual that came with it. When I researched cutters, I went to Graphtec's website and looked at the manual for the 6000. That manual indicated that the tool holder had the dual slot. I ordered the cutter only to find out the model for America does not have the dual slot holder. Mentioned the website manual to Graphtec and basically received a too-bad, so-sad. My cutter does have a recessed slot just beyond the cut strip, though.
  10. pawdell

    Question on copyright infringment

    No. I am not going to fight it. As in, they win.
  11. pawdell

    Question on copyright infringment

    I designed a piece in 2015 and was selling it for years when I was served notice that a company has a trademark on the wording. After looking into the details, I find that they filed for the trademark in 2017 and received approval in 2019. I never filed anything originally and am not going to fight this although I feel, morally, my design belongs to me. Legally, I am sure I would be in the wrong had I kept selling the item. I should have offered to sell them my design (for a very large sum). They did offer for me to start selling their items for them, though...
  12. Why? If the glass isn't tinted, why not consider the option to mirror-cut and apply on the interior? Just curious.
  13. Is that applied inside or outside? It looks worse as you get higher and I see a vent in the interior wall that looks more like a register (not a cold air return). Could a heat duct have helped age vinyl of unknown quality, maybe? East sun is not as intense as the West, but still doesn't help...
  14. Yes, I know how software licensing works AFTER registering it. Thanks for the recap, there. I haven't registered it, so, technically, I cannot legally transfer it. I wouldn't be selling the license as you seem to think. Contacting Graphtec would have probably lead me to the information (who the owner is). Like I said, I haven't looked at the software as it is not necessary in our environment.