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  1. 87sDetour

    Heat Transfer Vinyl

    Ok after u cut and weed the htv do u put the clear transfer paper on it for the customer to purchase?
  2. 87sDetour

    font for this???

    oh wait. I have some fonts that say sbf with numbers. im guessing thats them
  3. 87sDetour

    font for this???

    thank you. i dont have sign blazer but ill check my vinyl master
  4. 87sDetour

    vectorizing with color?

    ok thanks
  5. 87sDetour

    vectorizing with color?

    it's my logo for a product line. I'll have to cut it with vinyl cutter at some point but i'd also like to enlarge it and such. Pretty much everything possible.
  6. 87sDetour

    vectorizing with color?

    Thank you! can you do just the faces by themelves? there's a psd of the faces in the post
  7. 87sDetour

    font for this???

    I made this logo myself but somehow the font doesn't look the same as the font I used anymore. i did change it a bit but not that much. it's just the ART part that im not sure of.
  8. 87sDetour

    vectorizing with color?

    I was trying to vectorize these faces but my vinyl master software takes all the color out when i do. Can somebody vectorize it for me please? logoface.psd
  9. 87sDetour

    signblazer download

    Thank you sooooo much! I tried to download this thing pretty much most of the day yesterday from everywhere.
  10. 87sDetour

    signblazer download

    None of these links work anymore to download SignBlazer