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    what would you do? layered help

    hi all..been a bit since ive checked in(been trying to get my screen printing up and running)..anyways, my step father wants me to do his vinyl on his race car but i kinda feel like the image i have is too many layers and would be best printed via eco solvent printer(pic that will be provided is from a versacam) so im thinking i should suggest to him he needs to go that route again...plz take a look at the pic and let me know what you would do..if it is better to layer, what order? tia
  2. my stand came yesterday in a beat up half opened box and i cant find any instruction to assemble it, tried youtube also..all the stands i see are dif than mine...also wondering if im missing any pieces..ill get a pic of the package contents in a bit but does anyone have a link to any instructions or a video? thanks
  3. X1ArmBanditx

    Titan-2 and Titan-3 SE How to Advance After Plot

    let us know dave!
  4. X1ArmBanditx

    Titan-2 and Titan-3 SE How to Advance After Plot

    when i have it checked it really just stops at the end instead of going back to start..it doesnt spit out enough to cut it..nope
  5. anybody here do it? have a couple questions
  6. X1ArmBanditx

    titan 3 se grounding

    thanks dave! good spot really
  7. anybody have a good place for ground wire on the machine to stand? im assuming the mounting bolts are isolated and do not ground the machine to the stand?
  8. X1ArmBanditx

    My 1st real Shirt order!

    looks good! did you layer the vinyl on top of each other or cookie cut it?
  9. X1ArmBanditx

    How do I cut decals larger than my cutter?

    grrr if this is the case ive been searching vinylmaster basic for an hour trying to find out how the guy did it in the video i seen, that i cant find at the moment lol!
  10. X1ArmBanditx

    Friendly Reminder

    everything important to me fits in a 60gig thumb drive
  11. X1ArmBanditx

    VM, SCALP?

    coming from(and i dont like admitting this ) silhouette studio, which is the easier transition? VM or scalp? i have access to both full legit programs and wondering which is the easiest to learn and get started with a new program..spent all night playing with the titan 3 se and WOW it is very smooth! and believe it or not my first cut was flawless and i havent had a bad cut yet! going to see how small i v=can get text today as soon as i decide which program imma dedicate my learning to also really dont want to, but if in a jam, will silhouette studio send files to the titan? thanks!
  12. X1ArmBanditx

    28" titan 3 se stand

    yep i want wheels lol spoke too soon
  13. X1ArmBanditx

    28" titan 3 se stand

    nope just rubber feet..i really dont mind though i dont see me moving it once i have it all set up..never had to move the last cutter
  14. X1ArmBanditx

    28" titan 3 se stand

    stand done cutter comes tuesday, should look nice on the stand! i love how it says titan and not uscutter on the basket
  15. X1ArmBanditx

    titan 3 blade holder

    which blade holder do i get for a titan 3? the holders on amazon differ by a mm or 2 for each holder so wondering which one is actually correct also, is an anti static kit recommended for a 28"? while im at it, i ordered a 28" titan but the invoice says 24" saga..i realize titans are sagas but 24"? advertised as 28"?
  16. X1ArmBanditx

    titan 3 blade holder

    the 60 is where its at for the detail! lol
  17. X1ArmBanditx

    titan 3 blade holder

    the blade length and more importantly the diameter of the blade where it goes into the holder is important ... im not saying i need a diff holder for a dif degree blade, im just needing to know which holder and blades do i need
  18. X1ArmBanditx

    titan 3 blade holder

    just got off the phone with uscutter..they guy said the SE blade holder is in fact different even tho the day before another customer service guy said only dif in the SE model was cosmetic and menu navigation...he said all their blade will work in the SE holder but on amazon ive found 2 dif size roland style blades, 25mmX1.5mm and 24mmX2mm(think that was the numbers :P )...he couldnt tell me the difference, said just pay the $35 to us and it will be correct..well i dont want pay 35 for a holder when i can go on amazon and get a holder and assortment of blades for less than half that.. the cutter will be here tomorrow, really hoping somebody can point me in the right direction as i like cutting with 60 degree blades and im sure it will come with a single 45..i also have this feeling whoever refurbed it put a not SE holder in it(guess ill find out), im wondering if this was an earlier posters problem with the titan blade not coming down all the way, mmaybe wrong holder??? hmmm
  19. X1ArmBanditx

    titan 3 blade holder

    I thought the same thing, when I seen the invoice it said it was coming with a stand (I didn't read anywhere the refurb came with a stand) so I was thinking cool but it'll be a pain if I'm changing rolls multiple times a day..looked at the stand on the site and it was the one with 2 rollers..hopefully it's the same one I still don't like that the invoice says secaba saga 24" when it's advertised as Titan 3 28", the invoice for the stand even says " stand for 28" Titan"..
  20. X1ArmBanditx

    titan 3 blade holder

    i didnt mention it i actually just seen the link when i clicked your link...color is dif and it may be just the angle but the SE holder looks longer, again prolly just a camera trick i just ordered the SE today, its a refurb so im not sure if they'll(uscutter) will send a holder and blade/s..so hopefully someone chimes in that can say for sure
  21. X1ArmBanditx

    titan 3 blade holder

    mine is a SE, if you look at the bottom of the list theres a link to the holder for the SE model...whats the difference? on amazon i seen a cpl diff sizes too, like one holder said the blade was 24mmx2mm, the other said 25mmx1.5mm when i called uscutter they said really the only diff in the SE model was cosmetic, they made the menu easier to navigate too lol but straight up said it cuts the same..so why is the holder different?
  22. X1ArmBanditx

    My largest work so far

    looks good!