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  1. Over the past couple weeks, I’ve started having trouble at the end of a cut. In the past this has been a sign that I need a new blade. so I put a new blade(Clean Cut 60°) in it, two actually. Still the problem persists. The first cut in the row(I cut 4-5 of the 4-5” designs at one time)will be pretty good, the rest will be cut, but not quite enough to weed easily. test cuts all seem to work perfectly. Things I have tried to correct it. Multiple test cuts, both form force and offset. Messed with offset, no change. Removed cut head cover & cleaned. Cut strip feels smooth and level. SETTINGS (Oracal 651) Force: 13 Speed: 4 Offset: 0 Software: CutMaster(?) plug-in for illustrator. Same thing I have been using for a year. Any idea what I should try next? EDIT; one thing I just notices was the blade feels crunchy(dragging maybe) when taking it out of the holder, is there something I can use to make it move more freely in the holder?
  2. This started not long after I got the FC8600-75, 30 days ago, at first it as intermittent. After cutting and it would not retract the cross cut blade and drag across as it came back ruining a piece of vinyl. More recently, the last week, it has gone from intermittently to every cross cut it is not retracting the crosscut blade AND it has started to occasionally try to use the cut blade for cross cuts. The dealer thought the machine was having a static issue, it is now grounded but the problem persists. Due to its progressive nature I am leaning towards screw somewhere is loose and getting looser. It makes all the right noises and you think ok it worked right this time, only to look and nope the CC blade is still down. I have sent to support requests to Graphtec one a month ago, one more this week, no response.
  3. Well I knew it wasn't going to fix itself. I was hoping that graphtec had a reputible tech in my area, like Roland. After I reached out to graphtec and got no response I reached out to the USCutter again and they contacted graphtec for me and eventually someone called and we walked through the fix. Now we will see if it sticks. This got progressively worse as time went on so I suspect it will do it again. Though your video in not exactly how they stepped though it, but the end results are the same. I really wish someone at Graphtec and all these other companies would learn SEO so when someone is having an issue the problem would actually comes up in search results, it really isn't hard to use Cross cutter not retracting in the title, considering it is a common issue, and would save them a ton of time not responding...SMH As for letting it run at night, we used do it all the time, your volume must not be very high, it takes us a month to get ready for a big show at 8 hours or more a day. This cuts that in half.
  4. I need to be able to let it run overnight, so I have to use cross cut to keep jobs separate. I should say want to let it run overnight, I haven't been able to yet because of this issue, I have to babysit it. No I have not taken the cover off as it is still under warranty and I don't want to screw up the warranty I am obviously going to need. Were I to find someone that has gone through this and fixed it I definitely would because graphtec support is of little use at this point.
  5. The head goes all the way over and even "clicks" when the probe goes inside. So it sounds like it does when it works correctly. But it doesn't retract the cut blade. it sarted out as maybe 1 in 20 cuts I would have a problem, not is pretty much every cut I have to rescue my vinyl from being wasted.
  6. I just bought this FC8600, new, and now after set up I can't cut my more detailed designs(It seems over 200 of my designs would have to be edited to work with the Graphtec). These are tested designs that I cut on a WAY to big Roland(64") and a Cricut. The Roland great, the Cricut does amazing. I bought this so I could get ahead on production while not tying up the Roland(thats why we originally bought the Cricut but business has outgrown its production capabilities) but at this point it I think I have wasted my money, I don't have time to edit 200 designs. I have ordered a 60 degree blade but I am not really hopeful at this point. I just won't cut clean and finish cuts. So my question, how can it be that a Cricut and an ancient Roland can cut these designs but this can't? Is it me or is this cutter not just capable of cutting something this detailed? Current settings.. Force: 14 Speed: 5 Accel: 2 Offset: 0
  7. Attached is an image of what is happening. It looks fine in GPS main screen but once I click cut/plot it is missing pieces. I have tried editing the design, made sure it was all one color, grouping, ungrouping, different file formats, importing, opening it as an AI file and EPS file and I have even saved it as a Graphtec file and still get the same results. What am I doing wrong?
  8. Blade is in the proper location, having the cut channel was another big sales point so I knew ahead of time it had to be in blade position one for regular cuts. I was thinking thicker material would give me fewer hangnails. I had to do a new design this morning with a ton of palm trees, which means a ton of fine points, the number of hang nails was manageable, the run offs(shaggy long strand of vinyl at the tip or the points) however were not, I am thinking the 60 degree blade will help with both issues?
  9. I didn't think anyone was telling me to design in GPS, I would have completely discounted the reply if they were. I have been messing with GPS today and honestly there is no difference in the cut and the cut panel is exactly the same as Cut Master 4, with the exception of Crosscut. I can't find it in GPS, but I haven't really looked hard either yet. Both make me feel like I am working with a Windows 95 Program. This is a big industry, it is hard to accept that none of these cutter manufacturers have kept up with software advances. I set everything through the controller, I don't bother with setting anything through cutmaster. Is that what you mean? I usually cut Oracal 651, a new roll. I was wondering if perhaps something a little thicker might cut smaller designs better? I am still making gains though.
  10. I contacted the dealer first, they told me to call Graphtec, because they weren't sure. This wasn't about the issues I am having now but a question on whether I needed a USB hub or a Type-C adapter to use it with the mac. I emailed the dealer again this morning, about the current issues(told them they should hire you btw..LOL) waiting to hear back now. You can't see the blade, I can barely feel it if I run my finger over it. I have fine tuned it to the point I am rarely getting unfinished cuts now, still getting the run offs at points but I am gaining, on it I think. I had quite a few orders this morning so I cut the larger ones on the Graphtec and they cut well. The dealer told me this cutter should cut down to 1-2mm easily, I don't see it happening but on the larger designs it did well. Unfortunately the smaller designs are my bread and butter. For instance, that buffalo I cut down to 5" on the longest side.
  11. I actually haven't been able to cut from AI on my Mac yet, that was what I called Graphtec about, Can I use a type C adapter or do I need to buy a USB hub?
  12. I did order the cleancut 60.
  13. CutMaster 4 has an Adobe Illustrator plugin which makes it super simple, in fact it was a BIG selling point for me. That and that I could use it with Mac(though I have yet to be able to...yet.) I fought with Graphtec Pro Studio the other night for a few mins on my Windows machine, and it is definitely a getting used to it thing, but I am much more comfortable and proficient with Illustrator. I am just not a windows person I guess. You mentioned Graphtecs excellent support, I don't know if this is something new or what but you have to send them an email now and THEY will determine if you need support. Even if you call you get sent to voicemail that says to email them then hangs up. Given their lack of online available documentation(I am assuming it is included on the CD/DVD because I don't have anything, windows or Mac that has a CD/DVD drive) I guess they would be overwhelmed if they offered phone support. I called to see if I could use a USB type C adapter, as that is all Macs have now and got sent to voicemail and told to email them after sales didn't know the answer to my question. PROGRESS! I did finally eliminate the hooks on the triangles(In Graphtec Controller offset it is now set at -3), I still have hang nails and incomplete cuts but I am gaining. I think a 60 degree blade will help with the hang nails, but I am not sure about the incomplete cuts. Any Ideas? Weeding is a little better but with incomplete cuts it can only be so good.
  14. It set to that. I’ll goof with it some more when I get home tomorrow (I had to walk away from it and the boat seemed a good place to go) and post more pics.
  15. Settings have been changed through the Graphtec Cut Controller only, then sent to the cutter. The CutMaster 4 plug-in does reflect those settings, though the only real way to tell is by adjusting cut speed, that I can tell. The users manual that I can download from Graphtec doesn’t address cut issues at all, hence the reason I am so frustrated. The test cuts I have run all the possibilities for offset & accel, the current settings above are where the cut is the closest to being correct. I have a feeling if I could get the triangle to not cut with hooks I might be ok but I am out of ideas.
  16. It is brand new. Problems include sharp points aren't sharp and if they are they are not completely cut, a TON of hang nails, and its nearly impossible to weed, where with he Cricut or the Roland it is one pull and it is done. After reading your posts here last night I reset the blade depth, this was the results.... Notice the test cut, the lines on the triangles have hooks at the end. On the wolf the points were not cut completely, plus it had quite a few hang nails and was nearly impossible to weed. Using Illustrator plugin, but CutMaster 4 produces the same results.
  17. We use Oracal 631, being a matte finish we use the recommended HT55 transfer tape. It does the job well, very well, but we are selling items faster than I can make them daily so what I would like to do is do up a bunch ahead of time and then just do runs when I get low on stock. Which brings the question up of how long(if even applicable) is too long to leave them on the transfer tape? Keeping in mind that the people installing the vinyl are COMPLETE beginners. This may not even be an issue but I wanted to be sure before I started doing it and then having customers complain they are having issues(other than the normal novice mistakes).