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  1. Kaylene

    Floor Graphics

    I have a client that wants floor graphics (with some small text). I generally just do wall or glass vinyls, so the vinyl I have on hand is Oracal 631 and 651. Can I use one of those for the lettering and then cover with a sheet of the Oracal Oraguard 250AS Anti-skid PVC laminating film? Does anyone have any suggestions? These are for use in various buildings at a state college.
  2. Kaylene

    Application help with printable adhesive vinyl

    thank you. I actually have one of those big squeegees (minus the green handle). I guess I was thinking correctly about how to do it. My first one smeared as I had loaned out the squeegee and ended up using my hands. (yeah, I know that wasn't the best, but I was pressed for time.) The video was incredibly helpful. I kept finding videos using a wet technique but didn't want to mess with that. I'll order another big squeegee so I always have one in the office.
  3. I am creating promotional tabletop trifolds for the college I work for. The panels are printed onto adhesive vinyl (with an Epson 9900 inkjet) and then attached to Sintra board. Does anyone have any suggestions for what might work best for applying these prints (18x24 in size) to the Sintra board so that I get minimal bubbles and don't smear the ink in the process? I'm assuming that I need a large squeegee? felt tipped? Any help you can give me would be much appreciated. I have a vinyl cutter and use the Oracal 631 to create titles, etc for art exhibits; therefore I have transfer tape and the small squeegees but I'm thinking these wouldn't work well with the printable adhesive vinyl... not sure. Please give me your thoughts.
  4. I work at a college and have a SummaCut D120 vinyl cutter. It is mainly used for wall applications for student Senior shows in galleries and floor applications for directional purposes. I've been using the Oracle 631 for the walls and 651(I think) for floors and windows. Now our campus services has noticed that I have this vinyl cutter and they are asking about motor vehicle appliques. I have no idea where to begin... what type of vinyl is recommended? Is the application completely different? I'm wondering if this would be too much of a problem for my small office. Any suggestions you can give would be appreciated.