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  1. Actually, I was being intentionally unspecific about the software, because I want to understand what happens when the HPGL coordinates are fed into the machine, how does the machine convert those coordinates into the X/Y jogger and X/Y Scale numbers for controlling the stepper motors to move the cutter the required distances. However, since you asked, my complete setup is the PCut described above, a used Laptop running Linux Mint 18, Inkscape, and InkCut...all the latest versions. And while I understand that the PCut is considered by many to be a "hobby" cutter, the reality is that the servers, tensions, etc. are all in almost new condition, and I'd bet a dollar to a doughnut that once I understand the underlying ?_Space settings and how they relate to the X/Y coordinates of the machine, that setting the scale in Inkscape will be relatively simple and I can get accurate dimensional cuts out of the machine. The biggest issue is a lack of explanation by the manufacturers as to, for an example, what those X and Y Scale numbers represent, and what the XY jogger settings represent. As mentioned by someone else on this forum, the fact that the manufacturers chose to put a CM scale on the cutter is very confusing, or misdirecting and doesn't seem to be of much assistance in calibrating the cutter at all.
  2. Has anyone worked out the mathematical relationship between a cutters jog settings and the X_Scale / Y_Scale settings? There has to be some kind of relationship, and it would be nice to know if the cutter could be calibrated to produce more accurate lengths and widths without having to guess. Thanks in advance for your expert and prompt response.