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  1. Tried searching, but wasn't sure what to look for. SCAL3. Text on path. The letters follow my circle, but they don't seem to rotate around the center of the circle... That make any sense? Looks like I'd have to rotate the letters individually to make them look uniform. Am I missing something? Thanks, Ed
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    Text on path just looks... off...

    I ended up doing the text in Illustrator and using the plugin to send it to SCAL. Much cleaner text. It's a workaround, but it does the job. Thanks!
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    New to stencil cutting...

    Hi, Been lightly using (3,4 times a month...) my MH-871 for a few years now. Sign vinyl works great. I almost have a clue. Tried to make a one-off reusable stencil by purchasing a roll of Oracal 811. Not quite what I was looking for. So here are my questions. Yeah, I'm still learning... 1) Will something like this: GreenStar 7010 SSB Synthetic Stencil Board-Cut (SSB-Cut) 100Ft, Non-Adhesive Reusable Material require using transfer tape still? I'm cutting a stencil (in sections) that's about 4' x 6'. Letters are between 3 and 6 inches high. 2) Will my cheesy little MH even cut this? I'm having no problem with 3 mil material, but 10 seems like it's gonna be trouble. Will a 60 degree blade help? 3) Am I in over my head and better off farming this one out? I'm looking to cut something (or a few somethings) that I can tack down to a chunk of plywood with masking tape and dab paint through. Reusable is a bonus. Thanks, Ed