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    OK, I'm getting a feel for why you are unloading this unit. From what you described, it's the software which intimidates/disappoints your spouse. VinylMaster has a fairly steep learning curve for newbies, and although it's full-featured, that unto itself makes it somewhat difficult to grasp the fundamentals. I've stuck with SignBlazer since getting my first cutter a decade ago (back then, USCUTTER still bundled it with their equipment). The cartoon-like interface appealed to me when I started doing this work, and it still does. Perhaps if your wife likes using the SignBlazer program, then she'll want to retain the unit and you don't have to take a loss on it.
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    Good morning, Seattle. A few questions for you ---- what was your wife intending to accomplish with a cutter? When you say it's "too much" are you referring to the overall size? What made you believe your spouse was requiring a cutter at all? Also, there is a section of these Forums dedicated to Buy, Sell, and Trade which would be the logical place to post your offer. Beyond that, try Facebook/Meta marketplace (or Craigslist, if you dare) and make sure the price is right. There are SC2 machines as low as $340 from the USCUTTER warehouse, so your offer to sell should be less than that. I'm thinking around $250 is in the ballpark. You don't mention here, but when advertising, don't forget to mention it comes with a fresh (Unregistered) copy of VinylMasterCUT. I will say one more thing. When someone comes to look at it to buy, they'll want to see it working, not just sitting there with a zip-tie (anyone can zip-tie a broken/malfunctioning unit and say it's 'new' ). In order to provide a live-action demonstration, download and install SignBlazer Elements and choose LiYu as the cutter model, which will get the cutter to respond. Good luck.