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    I have no problem cutting vinyl that's only 2" wide on my Summa D60. You need both pinch rollers on the vinyl and the brass roller below. Hows the blade depth?
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    Before I started using plastisol screen print transfers I did many many left chest sized HTV copies and often set my Summa to run as I went to bed. It would cut a whole roll through the night (a couple times a whole 50yd roll) and be waiting there for me when I got up. I get smart later and only pull that sort of thing in dire emegencies now that I have found out about the plastisol option but I get the OP's point about letting it work while you're taking a break.
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    I can't see the far right pinch wheel. Be sure that it is in it's detent position. There is a definite spot and sort of a click sound very faint. Once it's in the corret spot then you slide the left one over until you are on the vinyl. Your left pinch roller is close to the edge but within tolerance that I use when cutting on scraps. You can cut down to about a 2" wide piece. As to it not scanning you probably have a sensor out. I've never had mine do that so I can't give you much help on that specifically. Summa offers free live tech support regardless of who owns their products. Look them up and give them a call. They are wonderful. On a side note perhaps you are using a broken blade or too much cutting force which can cause the smaller peice to react weird. Could be some gunk built up on the grit roller underneath. Summa recomends yearly cleaning with a soft plastic bristle brush. I find a stiff toothbrush works great to kind of sweep out any debris that finds it way into the roller. That particular vinyl appears to be quite stiff. Summa's usually squish a substantial track into the vinyl when clamped down. If you are having to run some higher cutting force to get through it that could be some of the reason as mentioned. If possible it's better to leave a little more sticking out past the roller (like about 1/2"). There is a spot in the machine control that will let you turn off the width sensor and some people do this but I like having it measure the width. Summ's strong pressure ususally renders the vinyl unsuable from the roller out so having a known measurement is key to making sure the whole thing gets cut. Also your D60 is a 30" machine (same as mine) and typically come with just two pinh rollers but sometimes if people are cutting heavy materials they add a third middle pinch roller which have lighter pressure and reduce the smallest possible width by a couple inches. If your machine has three you wil have to use all three.