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    I'm using Signlab 8 and the mh871 cutter through the lpt1 port right now. Tried to use usb but the cutter wouldnt comunicate with the software. I tried the signblazer software and it would work just wondering if there might be a way to use the usb in signlab instead of the lpt1, i would like to be able to use my laptop instead of my desk top. By the way signlab has the driver for uscutter plotters.
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    Converted this 120 polaris into a Yamaha (sort of) for a friend sorry about the pics crappy camera phone. oh and the caveman pic is because we ride Vmax-4's and were told that we rode dinasoars so that is the race team Caveman Racing. This is the Hood for a 1 cylinder 4 stroke snowmobile with very little HP where her fathers sled is a 2 stroke 4 cylender with 450 HP. I am now ready to attempt mirrors and other fine detailed work as I figured out all of my issues which included the chatter cut, the perforated cut, and the lifting of the vinyl.
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    awesome work love the mugs and coffee cups