How do cutting blades work? Honest question.

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I'm just a hobby vinyl cutter user.  I currently have an SC2 and honestly do not know exactly how the actual cutting blade, whether it is a 45° or 60° or whatever type actually moves if at all during a cutting process.  What I mean is, does the blade (45° for example) actually rotate in its holder so that it is cutting the vinyl as you would cut it with an exacto-knife, or does the blade remain stationary in the holder?  If it does rotate, would the addition of a tiny drop of fine machine oil help it to move freely?  I've never seen or heard of "oiling" the blade before so I may just be getting old asking such a question.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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They are called drag blades and are held in place by a magnet. As the cutter head drags the blade around it spins freely so that the knife is orientated the proper cutting direction. A drop of oil in the holder can help, but not often needed.

45 vs 60 is the degree of the cutting edge. 60 will cut sharp detail and thicker material better but will also dull faster. Personally I just use a 60 all the time. 

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