Multi Colour Issues with Illustrator & Sign Cut

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Hello All,


I've tried searching the web and also this forum but had no luck!


I am trying to cut a two colour vinyl but keep getting issues with the logo. The inside of the letters seem to go on two colour layers. So the "P" will cut on the Red Layer but it will only cut the inside of the "P" on the Black Layer. 


Can anyone help? I am using Illustrator and exporting files as .eps




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I have now put each colour on a layer in Illustrator and exported an .eps and resolved all the letters apart from the "B"


Any help?


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Looks like your actual file is probably not prepared correctly. The B in the above does not have the inside of the letter which likely means that it was not expanded? I'd have to see the actual file. Are you expanding the letters before sending them to the machine or are you letting the plug-in do that? You always want to expand all letters and any stroked lines to outlines. 

Verify that the B still has the inner parts of the letter in the file and temporarily change the color of the inner parts to something other than the other colors in the file. They may need to be moved up in the layer stack to be above the main letter. You may have inadvertantly placed them on a different layer altogether which will prohibit you from allowing them to interact with each other. Once they are on top and within the same layer and either in the same group or all parts not in any special group then you can select all three parts of the B and use Command+8 on mac or Control+8 on a pc to create a compound path. 

Text will generate properly when you turn them into outlines and you should not have to do this unless you have done something to separate them (most likely released the compound paths in the file which is indicative of all these letters missing the inner parts) Alternatively you can place the missing parts on top of the main letter (B) and use the minus front to create a compound path however if there are more than one piece as in this case then the two or more parts have to themselves be made into a compound path using the same command+8 operation. It sounds confusing but isn't once you understand that by creating a compound path you are telling illustrator that you want the group of objects to be considered one object. 

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