Cutting long graphic?

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I have to cut some long height charts around 6 foot in length and all horizontal lines.

Since they are height charts dont want them drifting off..So hows the best way to ensure the vinyl is straight in the machine? Also any tips of keeping it running straight while it cuts ? It s 2 foot wide vinyl?


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How wide is the graphic? The vinyl drifting side to side is not an issue so long as the graphic fits within the drift. Naturally you want the vinyl as straight as possible but so long as the cut doesn't go off the edge you're good.

The bad kind of drift is not so much a result of the vinyl not being straight, it's from the vinyl slipping, or the machine taking an extra step here or there causing it not to come back to the exact spot it started. I'm assuming your graphic is just horizontal lines, so you really shouldn't have any problems, the vinyl will only be moving a small bit at a time. The real drift problem comes when you want to make a single cut that is say 6' long.

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