Full car wrap prices?

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So what determines the price for a full car wrap?  You know, changing the whole car to a matte look etc.

Obviously the vehicle determines how much material and how hard it is to wrap, but aside from that, what other options are there?

Are carbon fiber or anything else more expensive than matte, or are they the generally the same price?

Is one brand like 3M better than others?

Are there options for thickness (i.e. thicker wraps cost more)?

Not looking to get the inside of door jams wrapped to save some money, but what other options are there?

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Have you ever gone to a retail car-wrap place? Have you introduced yourself to the owner? Have you watched as a wrap is done?


(By the way, these places are currently CLOSED due to covid19 and there is currently no indication when they will be permitted to resume operations).



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I got a rough quote to do a full wrap on my 2015 Tacoma Double Cab - starts @ $1200

The final price would depend on the level prep necessary to get it wrap ready, and what kind of wrap I chose. Need to keep in mind that I'm in the middle of the ocean, so the vendors here are quite limited, and materials shipping here is crazy expensive, so I'm sure that's built into the quote.

I've watched videos on cars being wrapped - they make it look so easy!


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