SC series sudden blade depth cutting issue?

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Hi there. I have had my SC cutter for a few years now and was using it regularly to cut stencils for my business. I took a break to take care of my elderly parents so it's probably been 4-5 months since I've cut anything. Now I'm trying to cut a stencil and all of a sudden the blade won't cut through the vinyl. I'm using the same blade, stencil material, speed, pressure, etc. I turned the machine off 5 months ago, covered it up and didn't touch it until yesterday. Uncovered it, turned it on and tried to cut a stencil and now having this issue. The only thing that has changed is the laptop. Right now I've got the blade out way too far and the pressure up more than I've ever had it and it still won't cut properly. The blade looks ok, nothing seem out of align, etc. Trying to get back in the grove and bust out a few new orders but this machine isn't helping. Any insight? Thanks!

UPDATE: I was finally able to get it to cut half way decent...not like it was but well enough that I could make it work for what I needed to cut right now. The blade is still out too far and my pressure is up to 150. It used to cut perfect at a reasonable blade depth and 40 pressure so I do need to figure out what the issue is. Any help would be appreciated!

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Get yourself a Clean Cut Blade, and check the blade holder to make sure there is no debris in it. A drop of lube in the hold might help as well.

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