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Hi to you all. I've asked a few questions on the forums and folks have been kind enough to reply and make a few things clearer for a newbie like me.

I realized I've not yet introduced myself. So I thought I thought it would be nice to tell you a bit about myself. I'm Vegan and been teetotal almost all my life, hardly drank at all, when I did, enjoy running.

I was a member of the BWA British Woodcarvers Association for several years, the same for Mary Mays online school of woodcarving. Also for several years I've been a member and still am of the British carver, Chris Pyes online carving school.

I'm also into making stained glass and also teaching myself surface etching and multi level carving into glass.

I'm also into  woodworking and have invested a considerable amount, that said several 2nd hand good deals, a considerable amount on bench planes, wood shaper, jointer, planer, etc.

I hope to start my own one man business making custom made doors, with carving, stained glass, sandblasted glass, combined or separate.

I'm also an amateur musician..... good ole Rock n Roll :) Pedal steel, slide guitar, lead, rhythm guitar, virtual synths, electronic drum kit, sing my own songs.

I got an inexpensive Seiki cutter for a little sign making and also thought would be good enough to cut stencils out of sand blast resist.


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Welcome from Michigan - visited UK for about 8 hrs in November and hope to get back for longer look around after my wife retires.   
Welcome aboard

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Hello and Welcome from Florida.

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