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so I log on tonight and see we have a new member @Support@USCutter    just read a few of the post, did see where it looks like it wont be the same rep posting as this user.

I do believe it is something the forum could use more of, someone from US cutter trying to help with issues that is co. issues more than what a lot of us use this forum for as far as all pitching in to help each other out with issues. there is always issues that can only be handled by someone at US Cutter. the bad is im sure this co. is no different than any other, like issues with employee turn over, miss or non communication, and similar stuff that ends up with customers being the 1 that ends up feeling their business or issue wasn't important to the co. and a lot of times because of the issues I just stated is why the right person with the co. never knew of the customers issue.

Ive def had a few since finding this co. and joining the forum and also becoming a customer of US cutter. and also im 1 of those that feel my issues were never addressed , may never made it to the right desk/comp.   I found US Cutter both from google search and amazon. as I have stated in posts on here a few times, I wished I had found the forum 1st and let the wisdom of these veterans point me in the right direction. but unfortunately I basically did it blind, and not being a comp/ tech guy isn't  a good thing . lol. But I did call in to the sales dept. before I made my  order, I was talked out of the cutter I originally thought would be my best choice for a novice/beginner. I was going to buy the largest LP2 , after describing my plans for a cutter  and my comp knowledge I was told I should start with an MH. the bottom, so if I decided this wasn't for me after I did our store sign I wasn't out much. and if it turns out this was something I would want to keep doing and grow with, again only lil $ was out when I decide to upgrade as most do and push the beginner cutter in the corner or post on CL. Im not 1 to ever buy the bottom end of anything. so I found a starter bundle on amazon. Heres where my 1st issue started. as most say newbies do the biggest mistake, start taking orders as soon as they order a cutter or think about ordering 1. well mine was for the wifes biz. and we all know how that is   she wanted it yest. so I paid extra on amazon for early shipping. which did fall on the weekend. so theres that 1st strike. not only did it not show up on sat as paid for , it was actually the next tue, or wed if not mistaken. 2nd strike it came in broken. and I waited until that sat night to start putting the cutter together , that way it had my full attention. so my bad, didn't think about not going to have support until mon.  I have to lol over that 1. any way on mon got with a tech and a new carriage was sent out to fix it. next a lil while later I notice the usb port on the cutter  a lil loose, but not causing issues yet, so called support, was told not to worry, how much time was left of my orig. warranty and that  I could purchase an extended warranty as long as I did it before my warranty ran out. so time goes on, for whatever reason this usb port gets, ( my cutter/usb port is moved or  unhooked very lil, it stays in the same spot 98% . the usb cable from the cutter goes to a hub, so I connect and disconnect my lap top there. and the only time the cutter was getting moved was when I left to go back to nc. so it was out of the way of the counter in the store. so I call back in the last week or 2 before the orig. warranty expired. I talked to the tech about replacing the port and purchasing the extended warranty. 1st thing he tells me there wasn't any notes or whatever about this usb port from the 1st time I called, then he told me  he would have to check about selling me the extended guess what #2 is, was never called back , and unfortunately for me it was our  busiest time of yr. so my responsibility of keeping this tech on his toes was forgotten until like a day 2 or 3 after my warranty expired. whoever took my call this time just basically told me I was out of luck on both, the replacement port and purchasing the warranty. I can def say they can tell the difference and my purchasing before and after this last incident. so basically my business experience started out rocky/bad and just stayed that the point that I barely even get on the forum anymore. oops forgot , the very 1st thing I mentioned about paying xtra for shipping, that was told to every rep I spoke to, none ever responded with a comment about doing something for me to make up for being charged xtra for something  u clearly didn't get. we own a couple of businesses, cant say its everyday, but can def say every month we are doing whatever to try and make that customer with an issue able to leave happy. on another note, some how I do have a special knack for being able to have me and my issues fall thru the cracks to never never land. since trying to move all my medical to sc, that has been a nightmare of cracks. lol

so all that just to say, im glad to see someone on here now to hopefully keep what I just wrote a novel about dn to a min. Good Luck.

Edit for the oops, left out info. so basically all this over $50 part. and  miscommunication. I wished I had all the phone conv.  recorded. just like everything else in life. it was always someone elses fault. putting the blame on someone that wasn't there on the phone/ didn't work there anymore. just same ole lines I hear everywhere else. at this time I couldn't say which bothered me the most. paying xtra for shipping and getting it atleast 3 days late, the part I was promised or the miscommunication.. im sure I sound like a broken record. Maybe they grew faster than expected and cant handle the volume coming in. Dunno.

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