Graphtec ce5000 key pad problem "fixed"

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I will try to keep this short.

Went away on vacation for 4 weeks. Basically shut the house down. The humidity in the house went stupid high.

Had a drive by job yesterday ($3) and found the left, right and condition buttons no longer worked on the keypad. Using the PC controller did.

Took the right side cover off (the one with the key pad) pulled the white ribbon off the small circuit board to get the side off.

Then pulled the ribbon cable that goes to the key pad, cleaned it and put it all back together.

All is well and everything working just like new.

No, sorry. Didn't take pic's.

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Seeing as your #1 button doesn't work,   Have you considered using roll #2.? section 2-20.

When Selecting ROLL-2 REAR SET (ROLL-2 FRONT SET) by Pressing the [2] Key

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