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Artcut 2005 installation issue

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Hi all, I have purchased a used ProCut MH721-SE with a copy of Artcut 2005 from a friend but I'm having issues launching the software after install. I have 2 cds: one is blue and labeled English/German version, the other is white and is the Graphic/Chinese version.


After installing using the English version, clicking on the launcher opens a dialog that says "Please insert the install CD-R, then press ok!". I have tried using both disks without success. I have also tried running the program in compatibility mode for Windows XP and Windows Vista ( I am installing on a Windows 10 Machine). 


I have also tried installing the Chinese version straight from the chinese/graphic CD but it still prompts for the CDR then does nothing after I click OK with either CD in place.


Is there something I'm missing?


Thanks in advance!

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Ditch Artcut, too many complaints about it  not working.  try Signblazer which is a FREE permanent trial. 

Go down to the last post on this thread for a download  at Slice n Dice post.  It should just start downloading after clicking it. Then try the REDSAIL cutter for set up.  That is the one that is being used for the UScutter MH series cutters.


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