angie endert

UScutter SC Plotter stops cutting mid cut

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I'm trying to cut decals for a race car and having problems of it will stop cutting mid design 

I wasn't happening all the time just once in a while now it has happen 4 times right in a row . Wasting time and lots of money

I wiped it down with a dryer sheet to see if that helped and got more then half cut 

I just need help have 2 more cars to design and cut 

thank you 

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When cutting and having issues -
don't allow you computer to go to sleep,
don't allow the screen saver to go on,
don't allow the anti-virus to start a scan,
don't allow your system to start to defrag,
don't allow Windows to update.

Just fire it up, make sure nothing else is running or going to run, and cut away.

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