Problems with my cutter scratching vinyl horribly

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29 minutes ago, hzurell said:

I will try that software to see if that does anything.

Just remember the SignCut trial is limited to a small cutting area.  I think if you go outside that region, it goes nuts.  Can't remember the actual dimensions.

When I first looked I your photo's, I thought, "Blade out too far."  Looking them some more I'm thinking port or communications problems such as wrong buad rate, wrong or bad cable, wrong cutter model selected in the cutter settings.  Testing with other software could help narrowing the issue down, (especially if someone will give you support with that other software.)  I'd still triple check the blade depth.

Inkscape has a way to send data straight to some cutters.  If you go to Extensions>Export>Plot you will see tabs for set up and sending the data to the cutter.  It might give you another testing path.

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5 hours ago, hzurell said:

Awesome thanks so much. I will try that software to see if that does anything. I went on the to the Seiki forums and seems this is a common problem with their plotter going back 8 years. I have a feeling I will have to replace it but first I will see if I can fix it. I wanted to get into vinyl cutting and found a package on ebay last year that had the plotter and a 5 in 1 heat press, not 8 in 1 like I previously said. It seemed like a good deal at the time. Live and learn. The cricut is great for my small projects like decals, mugs, shirts but I need the plotter for my big projects for sure like the signs, walls decals and vehicle signage I am getting into now. I am so thankful I found this forum. All of you have been fantastic, and i will be sure to ask for advice if I do buy a new one. 

As others warned me most of those deals are to make you think your getting a deal but there selling you lot of crap.. i decided just to buy my machine then other things later. I was lucky and already had a heat press to use of my fathers. but i do want to get a bigger one when I can.


Good luck maybe you can figure it out


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You're problem is HARDWARE! If the cutting head does not move up when you first power on the unit, no software is going to fix that.

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