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Die or Perf cutting with the CE5000

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It's fixed!  Thanks to Jason at Graphtec.   I still don't know why it won't do the update thing, but it is back to normal.  Turned out I must have accidentally pressed print or something on the firmware update tool, which sent the file to the cutter.   That file got stuck trying to "print" to the cutter.   Remember, I removed the driver and reinstalled the driver, and the print job was STILL there!!  I rebooted multiple times.   So if you find this and you are getting errors similar to mine, go look at the printer queue and see if something is in there, delete it if you can.  It might say "deleting" but won't delete, and then you'll have to reboot.   

So I'm still not updated on the firmware, but at least it's working again.    By the way, Graphtec Studio will not work on machines that are running firmware less than 3.9, so there is good reason to upgrade.   But since I'm running Flexi anyway forget it!

Thanks again Bikemike and most of all Mz Skeeter, I appreciate all you did to help.


Now, on to ordering that Cricut pad and see if I can do some die cutting.

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On 11/11/2017 at 11:57 AM, MZ SKEETER said:

The CE6000,, has 2 positions in the tool holder. Front and back.  When you put the blade holder in the front of the tool holder, the blade will not be over the cutting strip to damage it. It is also for the pen tool.  There is a rail there, so that it cuts into a groove and not on the cutting strip.   The CE5000 does not have that. Without a cutting mat you will damage your cutting strip. 


Is that only the European version of the CE6000 that has that? My 'murican '60 doesn't.

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