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Hi, I hope this is the right place to post this.  We have a Graphtec CE6000-40 and we're trying to do something a bit unusual with it:  we've mounted an Android tablet to the plotter, with a user-friendly touch-screen app that lets you select printing options, set up your job, then hit PRINT.  The app then creates a print job and sends it down the USB wire to the plotter.  The purpose is to provide some specialized pre-designed jobs for end customers.

This works great for smaller jobs, less than 64K we think, but for large jobs that have too much markup, the plotter chokes midway through.  Graphtec provides a Windows program "SEND.EXE" which does work correctly -- it sends the job from a Windows laptop to the plotter and somehow has the right commands.  

My question is, what are those commands to make the plotter handle a large job?  I'm guessing it's splitting large jobs up into several chunks with a command like "Page X of 3" at the top of each mini-job.  

I've written to Graphtec Japan, and they wrote back and said "We don't support Android and we won't answer your questions."  Not too helpful. I'm just hoping there are some hacker/hobbyists out there who've put a scanner on the USB port and sleuthed this out already.  Thanks for any ideas!

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my first guess is the tablet has limited processing power and memory compared to a computer.  second you are working with a plotter and not a printer

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