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Just scored this 2006 Stahl's Hotronix 16x20 auto open clam heat press....$400 not bad but sadly it needs new gas shocks for the auto lift...got them on order already thru their website.




It is replacing my older Stahl's Mighty Press, 15x15, which i will probably put into storage for a backup.



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Good deal! Looks to be in decent shape. Funny I was just searching your name when I ran a crossed this post. Just wondering how the business is going for you?


Its going ok...i just keep on trucking along...everytime i think im not gonna make ends meet, i get a random big order lol.

 Signs + Banners is having their show come April, are u gonna go? Im hoping to go this year...i was just there today, i went to Maple Plain to pick up this heat press, so i stopped by in Rogers and got 2 rolls of vinyl i needed...saved myself the shipping lol

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