Pen holder for Copam 2500

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I have the ballpoint pen holder but I didn't really like it. I suppose the intent was to be able to change the refill out from the pen. You can do this by unscrewing the tip of the pen holder and putting in a new ink with pentip refill.


I have always wished you could use sometype of felt pen instead of ink - like Sharpie markers and I ended up going on eBay and finding a seller who 3D printed a custom design that enables one to use Sharpie markers with the Copam carriage and knife holder. I can't remember how much it cost me exactly now but it was like $10 CAD shipped for the two adapters (the yellow one has a smaller diameter circle than the black one which has a larger diameter circle). The Sharpie is held in there by friction (and is quite tight).


It works very well but you have to take into account the Sharpie drawn design is created an inch or so to the left of the starting origin point on the plotter. This is important because it will draw all over your plotter if it reaches the outside of the printable area and you didn't deduct the additional measured length of the Jiffy adapter. A bit of trial and error was required to get it to work but it did work. I ended up drawing out a large multi-tiled (since we're limited in the printable area a 24" plotter can deal with) goalie image that my neighbour used as a template to cut out of wood so his kid could shoot pucks at it for practice.


I have attached an image of these adapters. It may be useful to someone if they wish to 3D print their own. I could take measurements if anyone wants. I don't see why you can't use wood block too (and dowling for the holder piece). I might just do that in future if these should ever break or get lost. 


I might just whip up a CorelDraw file (CDR) to add to this thread someday or create a new one...






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