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way to many nodes

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I am using vinyl master pro and it seems to do a good job vectorizing until I look close and cut the graphic, hundreds of nodes making it jagged. I go to reduse nodes and a few will be removed, I then manually remove the nodes save and they are all back. Does any one have any insight on what is wrong, or what I am not doing right. HELP please  attached id an .eps of what my result looks like with all the nodes Thanks Bob

Str Vapor.eps

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I don't have Vinyl Master so I can't help with that issue

but, in the scan itself I don't see too many nodes overall.

It looks like your graphic has some jagged edges and

the scan reproduced those.


You need to go in and clean up the wavy edges 

by removing the nodes in those areas.


In my experience, all scans need some straightening

or cleaning up before cutting. 



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I definitely would not spend too much time cleaning up that rendering.

Time would be be better spent manually  redrawing it for the

fewest nodes and little-to-no clean up necessary.


It actually has a pretty low node count for an auto trace as

Vm's trace engine is one of the very best out there.


My opinion is, Identify the font, get out the Bezier tools, and redraw.

Vm makes easy work out of recreating the Block Shadows and 3D effects as well.




(BTW, the nodes aren't "making it jagged"... they are following the jagged

lines that were produced by an auto-trace from a less than 'perfect' raster sample.)

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