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Copam Motherboard Replacement - Need Help Please...

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So my motherboard went out on my Copam. It is the older style without USB. I had the bright idea that I would upgrade to the new motherboard that has the USB. I knew that I would have to create an opening in the case and holder, but that's what a Dremel is made for.


I went to install the motherboard today and they don't have the same connection points. Some are the same - X and Y motor connections, power, LCD, Keyboard - but some are not the same at all. The old motherboard had a three pin connection beside the X motor connection and a two pin connection beside the Y motor connection. Those are not on the new motherboard. The new motherboard has a three pin at the front of the board and two connection on either side of the media sensor (both two pins). One two pin connection says fan and the other says Senson_Cotron. Here's an image of the new board from UsCutter's PDF on the new board (which is slightly different from the actual board):




So I checked the leads out of the two pin connection beside the Y motor connection and it leads to this item:



Can anyone tell me what the circled item is? Could it be the fan (fingers crossed)? Better yet, does anyone have a schematic of the old motherboard and what the connections are? I can upload pictures of the actual new board and the old board if necessary.


I called support but the guy was of little help. He did seem willing to take the board back - since it hasn't been installed - but I would like to see this through now. However, if it's going to brick the cutter I'll see about sending it back and sticking with the old board.


Any help would be greatly, greatly appreciated.  





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