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Graphtec FC8000-130 ( Help Cutting Diamond Grade Reflective )

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So I am having trouble getting the proper settings for cutting 3M DG3 material, I have had no problems cutting 3M and Avery HIP but this DG3 seems to be a bit more tough, have any of you had any luck in cutting this material?

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Diamond Grade DG3
sheeting may be cut into
letters and shapes of at least three inches in height
and stroke widths of at least one half inch. Smaller
sizes are not recommended. Sealing cut edges of
sheeting is not required.

Plotter Cutting
Programmable knife cut (electronic cutting)
1. Flat bed plotters can either die cut or kiss
cut and offer the most consistent and reliable
2. Friction Fed plotter. Kiss cut only. Success has
been achieved using plotters that have 600 grams
of down force and a 60º cutting blade. Additional
drive wheels may need to be added to improve
tracking. An alternative procedure is to cut
sheeting from the liner side. Blade force and knife
depth must be set to score but not cut through
the topfilm. Break apart individual copy or apply
premask to retain spacing

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Leave it 39 and reduce the amount of blade sticking out.

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