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Found 2 results

  1. Hey all, I have a friend who successfully sells on Amazon who suggested I delve into the world of selling decals! I have a Cricut Air Explore 2 which would work well for a marketplace like Etsy but I want to reach Amazon. The Cricut Explore Air2 can only cut up to 24 inches at a time. A similar machine, the Silhouette Cameo, can cut up to 10 ft but I've read mixed reviews. I cannot hear the Cricut once I behind a closed door which is a plus because I work out of my home. I can't find exactly how fast it cuts vinyl so I can't really compare to anything else. I've read that the Cameo is slower than the Cricut. I need faster output. Since I haven't sold a thing yet I can't justify purchasing anything top of the line, but I eventually plan on it. I read lots of mixed reviews on the USCutter MH Line but I need something where I can successfully produce more. How loud are these things? You can't hear the Cricut if the door is closed but it can take 10 mins to cut a detailed sq ft of decals. No contour cutting required! I'm comfortable learning any software. For now I can only spend at the very most $400. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I'm in the SF Bay area and I can't find anywhere that I can see equipment in action to decide for myself. It's hard to shop for an investment online! Thanks everyone!
  2. I recently inherited an MH MK2 and am a mac user. It took me a couple hours to figure out the cheapest way for my mac to talk to the cutter, but I did it! I am an AI user already, so making SVG files was no issue for me. I downloaded a software trial called Easycutstudio and got everything talking to each other. The trial is free to test out, the software is SUPER easy to use and most self explanatory. I am really enjoying learning more intricate pieces of it too. I grabbed a jpg online of some tentacles and traced them out in Adobe Illustrator, imported it into Easy Cut Studio, click on cutter, chose my machine, and BOOM! It started working!! I was so amazed at how easy all of that was, and it didn't cost me a fortune to get started!! Once I get really savvy with it, i'll post some snap shots of the software in action. But I had to figue out what was best for my mac, and I couldn't find a lot of options out there. Hope this helps other people who might want to pick up a used older model cutter and are mac users! Thanks!