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  1. So, getting back in topic. Yes, I've double checked the blade holder. It's completely clean. The pressure is set perfectly. I'm able to weed out the first bottom 6 inches of the design flawlessly. I've done several test cuts using the machine (triangle in a square) that cuts perfect every time. It doesn't matter if I'm running the vinyl from the far left or the far right. The blade still starts to score the vinyl about 6" in. I started asking here, because I thought at some point someone else might have had the same weird issue. From the sounds of it, they haven't. I've had this machine over two years, running it nearly every day, and have never had this happen. I'll be replacing the cut strip, although from eyeballing it and running my fingers over it, there's nothing wrong with it. I have another cutter that this same exact design works fine on. So no further brainstorming on the design file is necessary. I'll report back after the strips arrive.
  2. God, I knew this was going to be asked.. lol.. Ok.. setting up my blade, I use a scrap piece of vinyl and cut a circle until I just barely scratch the bottom film. None of that 1/4 credit card BS. Rails are clean. Rollers are placed in the center of their respective slots. I don't have a pen holder to test what happens (dried up years ago). To give an example. If I'm cutting a 12" x 12" image, starting at the bottom right corner of the image, it will cut fine all the way ACROSS the 12" vinyl. As it moves UP, say about 6", it begins to stop cutting through, and just barely scores the vinyl. Mind you, it's still in the exact spot on the cutter (far right side of the 12" vinyl). It has just simply moved UP the vinyl 6". So its not like there's a bad spot on the strip. It literally just cut in that same spot on the cutter strip just fine. The only difference is now there is more vinyl hanging off from the edge. No idea how that could affect it, but I think it could be somehow relate-able. I've watched it a dozen times. To the naked eye, nothing looks different . It looks smooth and precise... until I go to weed it.
  3. Hello. My Titan 2 cutter will cut half the project fine, but then stop cutting all the way through, and start scoring the material. I have to take an exacto blade and cut along the scored line to get it to release. I have a brand new blade, set properly. As stated, it starts the cut perfectly fine. I've used this cutter about 2 years. Any advise as to what could be making it do this? I've adjusted the pressure and it doesn't matter. Same result. I can't overstate this... The cutter will BEGIN the design just fine. It weeds out perfectly, then it stops cutting deep enough. Also worth noting, the blade holder is clean and secured tightly into place.
  4. Most awnings are made from vinyl or cloth. This one is vinyl.
  5. That would have been nice to know through an email. Just suddenly not being able to respond, reply, comment or even view the forum is a little frustrating. That account worked just fine until then. I don't think I should be punished for something someone else did.
  6. Yes, Brandiland is me. My account got banned, because someone sent me a bunch of spam messages in Russian. I reported it, and the next thing I know, I'm blocked. Anyway, I'm now using this account.
  7. I'm not using the wax paper for heat press. I'm using it for vinyl that is two colors. I need the extra paper to transfer the vinyl.
  8. Both, I have the artwork I can show, but I can't seem to post it from my phone. It says it's too large
  9. <blockquote class='ipsBlockquote'data-author="slice&dice" data-cid="413794" data-time="1456787416"><p> Hi.<br /> <br /> Are you asking what the cost for the vinyl AND install would be, or just the install?</p></blockquote>
  10. I'm using oracal 651. It's been tested, and sticks quite well. Not sure what the actual awning is made of. It's not three cloth-like though.
  11. I'm trying to figure out what to charge to physically apply vinyl to an awning, for a business. The Awning is 20'x7' and the vinyl length in total is 13.8' x 4.5'. The vinyl is broken up into sections, as it is mostly verbiage. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.