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    Are there any Mac users out there?

    Mac Pro running the latest El Capitan OS, Adobe CS Cloud, Graphtec CE6000-60, Cutting Master 3 plugin for Adobe Illustrator.
  2. dennx


    Sublimation ink is only to be used on 100% polyester shirts.
  3. The plotter is just an intelligent die cutter.
  4. dennx

    Start-Up help needed

    You could expand your vinyl cutting business into skins for game consoles, laptops, desktops, wall decals, decals, signs, vehicle graphics and more. Let your imagination flow.
  5. dennx

    New design, new business

    Actually weeding it might not be so bad as mentioned by jaybird below. I'll try that first, but I could also try the other suggestions mentioned. Thanks. I'll check, but I don't think it's a problem. Thanks and bummer. jk I'll definitely try it. Thanks. Thanks. I've actually wanted to wrap some my FJ in a Swedish camo design. Maybe one day.
  6. dennx

    New design, new business

    For sure print and cut for this design. I would also remove the intricate lines for decals. Sorry, but I'm a Toyota guy and all my designs are for the Toyota off road, adventure/explore niche. My other market will be designs for kid shirts.
  7. dennx

    got myself a 24" graphtec - laptop decal

    All of it is awesome work! Keep'um coming.
  8. dennx

    New from SoCal

    I've been a graphic designer for more than 20 years. I've got my niche and am starting to set up my vinyl cutter and t-shirt biz. Hoping to learn a lot from this forum.
  9. dennx

    New design, new business

    Hi all I'm a newbie to t-shirt transfers and vinyl cutting. I'm in the research phase and determining my equipment needs, but I wanted to share a design I did recently. It'll be one of the first designs I'll be selling. Thanks for the feedback.
  10. How are stickers holding up from using this process. Photo samples?