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    Fire Engine Decal

    Looking to get as close to this one as possible. I've used some online font-finders without any luck, so thought I'd throw it up here while I kept looking. Thanks!
  2. PhaedrusZen

    50 yard Vinyl Rack

    From the album: Home Workshop Setup

    Home-made rack placed in my closet for 50 yard rolls of 24" vinyl. I super-simplified other DIY projects. I just used two 2x2 posts 26" apart, slightly longer than the height of the closet shelf so they sit at an angle on the ground, and placed bolts every 6 inches. I cut 3/4" electrical conduit into 30" lengths for the rolls to rest on. The "rack" is bolted up top to the closet ledger board, but just rests on the ground. For ease of identification/reordering, I used little gator clips from Ikea on the left bolts so I can cut out the vinyl color name/number labels from the shipping boxes and hang them next to the rolls. A shoe organizer hanging on the right gives me more supply storage (for masking tape, extra squeegees, etc.). Holds ten 50 yard rolls (11 rolls if the closet shelf supports weren't in the way).
  3. I'm just switching over from a Titan 2, which was minimal on menus and options, but which worked well until it crapped out on me in the middle of an 80+ order deal. USCutter took care of me and helped me get into a Graphtec 6000-60, but having gone from a minimalist plug-and-play machine like the Titan to this Graphtec is making my head spin. I've finally got it connected to my laptop and cutting, and have even figured out how to set the cutting area to outside of the pinch rollers, so I'm trying to do my homework, but I'm having scale issues where I don't think I should be. I'm using SCALP 3 (I have access to SCALP 4 as well, but am sticking with 3 for the time being.) I need to stay with this software due to the people I work for/with needing to be able to exchange files with me on a regular basis. When I cut files currently, I'm getting a 50% reduction in size, which has me confused since I've left the scale setting to the default "1". If i create a box 1" wide and 22" long (cutting from end to end on the vinyl roll), it ends up being cut 1/2" wide and only 12" long. I realize the easy fix would be to simply increase the scale to 2 to get to the full width of the original design, but I'd rather not just patch over the problem as opposed to understanding why the problem is occuring and how to correct it, not just fix it for the time being. I've got a ton of other questions too, and I'll keep reading manuals and old forum posts for answers, but any help is greatly appreciated! Cheers!
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    Application tape and decal trimming tips

    I use this app tape roller, like Vitaman as well as my own homemade version for applying tape. I always use the full width (24"), and have gone as long as 60" using both setups with no problems (after the initial "honeymoon" period, that is...). I wouldn't make a table any wider than you really need (which is just bigger than the widest vinyl you'll be using), but as long as possible is always a great idea. Wildgoose, I was using the Mondo trimmer for about a year, but it tore up my cutting mats and replacing them was getting expensive, so I switched to a Fiskar Rotary cutter, and have gotten good at using it for a full 60" cut. WAY less harsh on my mats. =)
  5. PhaedrusZen

    From In Front

    From the album: My Personal Projects

    Forced perspective decal I made for my entryway at home. Had fun learning how to do these. =) This is the view when standing back, down the hallway.
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    From In Front
  7. PhaedrusZen

    From In Front

    I used this tutorial and a bit of trial and error. I found out you don't need the "cross hairs" when you tape your wall, just the boxes, but other than that, the tutorial was pretty good. I used inkscape and SCALP to make the decal. I also found out when I put the decal on the wall that my walls aren't exactly square, hence the minor gaps... it helps to have a design that tolerates a bit of gap, or just use two walls instead of 3...
  8. PhaedrusZen

    CE 6000-60 vs the Titan 3 28 inch.

    I switched to a 6000-60 from a Titan 2 a little less than a year ago. I've been using SCALP (first 3, and now 4) for cutting, with both the Titan and the Graphtec, and it does what I need. I cut a fairly high volume of vinyl, and have fewer problems with the Graphtec. I don't remember all the details (pros/cons) of my previous research, but whatever I read led me to make the switch. If it's between the two, go for the Graphtec!
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    Light-box Workbench

    From the album: Home Workshop Setup

    My workbench with the LED light turned on. I may move the light to the center at some point, but for now I'll be trying it out to the side.
  10. It'll be important to know what software you're using. Some people use the Graphtec software, but I've been using mine with SCALP exclusively. If you're on SCALP, here's a few things to look at... Under the CUTTER menu , go to Cutter settings after you've added the cutter in the software. For language, I'm using GPGL, and step size is 1016. For some reason, my step size defaulted to 508, so everything was cutting at half it's normal size. Also under the CUTTER menu, you'll find the mat orientation and size settings. My mat is oriented to Horizontal (landscape) which you can double check by looking for a black arrow along the edge of the cutting mat in the software. (It's either on the left edge, pointing left for horizontal, or along the top edge pointing up, for vertical. I have a custom mat size of 24"x48" which I use most often and a longer mat (24"x 72") for the rare larger projects. With the arrow pointing left and the mat size 24 wide and 48 long, My decals cut the way I want them to for working with on the table. Also double check settings once you click the cut button; I have wsywig selected, with the other option being origin point. Hope any of that helps. Telling us what software you use will get you a lot better feedback...
  11. PhaedrusZen

    Tip - Cutting Strip

    Nice. Just bought a couple replacements, so I'll have to try this on one of them.
  12. Rude/crazy customers is no isolated event, but this one is exceptional! Lucky for me, the lady I work for is the one troubleshooting this one, and she's A LOT nicer than I would have been able to manage! Submitted for your reading pleasure... Angry Customer: Hello, I purchased a monogrammed mailbox decal from your company in October. Before the holiday I attempted to place the decal on my mailbox without success. When I tried to peel the backing off the letters ripped and so I then tried to take each off separately which they just rolled up and most were impossible to place. The monogrammed A didn't have a chance with either technique. It balled up as soon as it was removed from the paper and went right in the trash. You had to be aware that this was a faulty product, hence why it was on this website, but it was terrible! Please refund me my entire amount including shipping immediately. I also advise you never sell this product to other misled customers. Thank you, "Psycho Hose Beast" The Owner, "Psycho Hose Beast" Hello! Thank you for reaching out! It sounds like you had some difficulty in applying the product. We have sent the same product to hundreds of thousands of customers who have had great success and definitely lived[sic] this product. Did you receive application instructions with the product? When you began peeling the backing off did you notice that the letters were not adhering well to the application tape on the other side before they ripped. In this case if you noticed the lettering was not coming off the backing as you started to very slowly pull the backing away, you would actually want to stop and take a credit card edge rubbing over the top of the vinyl and transfer tape before peeling the back off. Does that help any? I am definitely willing to walk you through it over the phone if you would like. Since you purchased through a third party we are unable to provide you with a refund on our end but you could try contacting [the website] directly. Normally we would not allow for replacements but I can send you a replacement if you would like to give it a try. If a replacement is sent we ask that you do not reach out to [the website] for a refund. Let me know what you decide. "The Owner" Angry Customer: Hello "Owner", -No there were not instructions that came in the package. -There is no way you can "walk me through it" as your product completely malfunctioned and coiled into balls of tape. -The letters tore as I "slowly peeled the backing away" so there was no chance to stop the process -I will be writing a terrible review in your website as your customer service is horrible. I am in medical device sales and manage 4 states. I serve clinicians, surgeons and end-users. I go above and beyond to ensure my customers are happy with my product. It's a shame you don't provide the same customer service I accept when I spend money with a company. -I will reach out to [the website] to get my money back or will file a complaint with the BBB. -your product was faulty, did not include the instructions. I do not want a replacement as I would never support a company that send emails such as the one [above] to a customer. Thank you for your time. "PHB" Owner: "PHB", I am so so sorry. I have absolutely no intentions of providing bad customer service. I respond to all of my customers within 24 hours and most of the time right away. I am doing my best to help, I promise. I would give you the refund, but because you paid through the website they are the only ones that have the authorization or tools to give you the refund. I am happy to e-mail them for you if you need but you might get a quicker response if you contact them directly. Please let me know how I can help. When I started my business I actually did lots of research on different vinyls to see which would be the best product. We use Oracal (631) vinyl which is the top product. I am not sure how you received the faulty product and I am certainly surprised you did not receive instructions. I will pass this on to my team as this should have been included with your order. I was truthfully surprised to get your original message because we have received so much positive feedback from these same decals from other customers. So I do apologize for your poor experience. If you are determined that all of our products are faulty, then it sounds like a refund is best for you at this time. Please please let me know if there is any way I can help. I would like to do the best we can to help you. Many Thanks, "The Owner" ********** ********** ********** ********** ********** ********** ********** ********** ********** ********** ********** ********** ********** ********** ********** ********** ********** ********** For Background, the decals we cut for this website are all cut-to-order, and this one was personalized, so there's no way it was just a really old decal we pulled from a pile or anything. It's a personalized item, which generally excludes customers from refunds, but we have a general policy to re-cut and re-send decals for pretty much any reason, regardless how shady the claims. I sent this particular decal, and may or may not have missed including the instructions (I tend to lean toward the likelihood that she simply ignored the instructions). I wish so badly I could troll this customer, but I have to take a deep breath, and just let it go. This is why I'll never encourage a physical store-front for our business. Online sales is plenty good for me. I have to deal with enough crazy at my primary job, anyway.
  13. PhaedrusZen

    Gotta love Psycho-Hose-Beasts...

    @ Dakota, and now I have to feel like a jerk for raging because you're posting up newborns and stuff... Congrats on the new kiddo.
  14. PhaedrusZen

    Gotta love Psycho-Hose-Beasts...

    ***Edited, a if immediate replies look out of place, it's my fault*** I appreciate some of the feedback... funny how I went into this thinking I was going to get a bit of a different reaction. I took a look at the 651 and from what I saw it costs the same, give or take, as the 631, so I don't think cost was much of a factor in choosing the 631. I guess about 85-95 percent of what we do is indoor only decals, with the other 5-15 percent being mailbox and front door decals, many of which are seasonal in nature (i.e. "Happy Fall", "Spring is Here", etc, you know, temporary stuff, outdoor or otherwise). I'll definitely be talking with the owner, however, and give her the feedback I got here. I don't see why we couldn't start stocking 651 for the mailboxes and more permanent decals that we do offer. She's been very receptive in the past to advice I've either read or received directly from this forum, so I don't see why this would be any different. I'm still frustrated at how the customer decided to interact with us, though.
  15. PhaedrusZen

    Gotta love Psycho-Hose-Beasts...

    I don't question, I just cut 'em, but very good point. I will say I've got decals for my car, motorcycle and firefighter helmet from 631 that's been holding up just fine, as well as a decal on the front door. Like the owner said, we've sold hundreds and hundreds of the mailbox decals, and I haven't had anyone that's contacted us with durability issues, and rarely do we hear about application issues (we're often able to determine that it's an issue with technique, and can give additional pointers to ensure success). I'm pretty sure all of our products are listed as being 631, and are "decor" decals, despite some of them obviously being purposed for outdoor applications. I'm guessing the owner likes the less permanent adhesive, so she doesn't have to field complaints of paint coming off of things, even if it is just mailboxes. Anyone have adverse experiences with 631 when used outdoors? I know the 651 uses a permanent adhesive, which is likely why the owner has steered clear...
  16. PhaedrusZen

    First cuts

    Thanks for the heads up, Krow! Got one ordered. Wish I had seen that sooner, so I could have gotten a roll of clear tape, but free's free! My back-up dispenser is working well, but it definitely generates a lot more static... =/
  17. Very cool stuff, and I appreciate the graphics. I didn't even know Graphtec had those kind of features . =) You're already using functions way over my head... what about cutting the Blue circle and red line as separate layers? Run the sheet through once to cut all the blue, then run it through again to perforate it...?
  18. PhaedrusZen

    First cuts

    I wish I had kept track this year, and someone else orders my supplies from USC, so I can't look at invoices to see how many rolls of transfer tape I've ordered, but I've got 21 old transfer tape tubes stacked up in the corner, and I don't know how many I've thrown away... So since I've had the roller, it's very safe to say probably well over 2500 yards of transfer tape has gone on that thing.
  19. I'm running a CE6000-60 with SCALP 4, so I'm not a ton of help, but the only thought I have is if you're cutting that design in quantity, you might just want to take the time to edit the nodes on the blue circle so it cuts in normal conditions as a preforated line. That way, the entire design would cut without having to change conditions. I might have to take a look at Graphtec Studio... I work with someone else who designs most of my stuff, and they won't switch from anything but SCALP, and won't take the time to export designs as SVGs for me to use other software, so I'm kinda stuck anyway, but for my own work, it might be interesting to see some different software capabilities. I didn't even know you could cut a single svg with different designated conditions. It might be easier to edit the design in something like Inkscape or Illustrator, and then save as an svg to cut with your plotter software...
  20. PhaedrusZen

    First cuts

    Well, I have to amend my previous statement. After just about a year of use, I've worn completely through one of the pins of the roller, rendering this thing useless. Trying to now decide if $60/year is worth it. I've got to say yes, it is, but would love to find something more heavy-duty, so I'm not replacing this thing every year. It appears that the frame is a nice heavy-duty steel, but I always assumed the pins were likewise a little tougher. Luckily I have redundancy built into my workbench, so I'm good to go 'till I get the roller replaced...
  21. PhaedrusZen

    Forced Perspective Decals

    Just learned how to create forced perspective decals. Had fun working with this one, although it was a bit of a challenge for me trying to figure out how to do what I wanted in Inkscape & SCALP 4. This is what it looks like when standing underneath; This is standing down the hallway about 15 feet; I'll definitely be looking into doing more projects like this. =)
  22. PhaedrusZen

    Forced Perspective Decals

    Here's the tutorial I used, although it could be simplified quite a bit... (all you need is the outline boxes, not the crosshairs in the middle.) I used Inkscape and SCALP 4. If you want to give it a go, let me know if you run into trouble.
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    First cuts

    I've got the same roller as Jay & 300. The roller has a lip on one edge to keep it at the end of your workbench, but I must be a little too enthusiastic at times while taping, because I've had to add a couple of clamps as well, so it doesn't tip.
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    Forced Perspective Decals

    I need to upload another pic of the (completely) finished product. You might notice on the close-up that there's a gap on the left side... Found out when I applied the decal that my walls aren't exactly square , so I could only make one side of the center portion of the decal touch at a time... it was either the ceiling joint or the wall joint. Luckily the design is a little rough by nature, so I was able to just cut a couple extra pieces of red vinyl and "patch" the gaps.
  25. PhaedrusZen

    First cuts

    Red, are you using a roller or any type of equipment to help apply the tape? I use a roller that keeps the tape off the vinyl until I press it on. Pretty much like this gif... I use 24" rolls as well, but haven't gone quite as long as Goose has. I keep it below 4 feet when I can, but have done almost 6 a few times. Mostly it just takes practice, whatever your technique. And like Goose said, placing the decal on the tape, instead of the other way around, with smaller decals is money!