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  1. I am LOST!!

    You should have a menu across the top in scalps..This is Scalps4pro screen shot. I also checked my older scalps3pro and it has the menu tabs..You may have to go to here . And re download your version in the older version section part way down. Try downloading the new demo version 4pro and see if the menu tab show up for you. You may have a bug .. The 4pro version works much better than 3 as well..
  2. for me its Ai and scalps. Its not hard or difficult to use 2 different ones. With any software one will not always do everything you need or how you like,,, .. It really flows when you get a combo that makes things easier for you , And i have mine . Many use Vm and many use scalps. Its a preference...and your choice. I can make things much faster in Ai than i can scalps lol..
  3. I never thought i was going to be doing more than what you think your going to or want to do lol... If you do good work , you will do more and bigger things within your limits. I have no regrets for getting the 24" size of cutter i have. I have been more than happy with it .
  4. @eprcvinyls inkscape is just another design style software. Vm and or scalps is for cutting and doing some designing . I have my preference of using Ai for 98% of designing in and 2 % in scalps for designing and then cutting .Cause i feel it was the easiest to learn and do what i do daily .
  5. Is the MH machines worth it?

    lol And this is usually when i have stepped step in and give one on one help showing Vm,Scalps, inkscape,signblazer etc and let them choose which one they may learn easier because some people end up getting so overwhelmed , they just feel completely lost and more confused than when they first started on the first question they asked.. Node editing lol.. Thats a good one . I remember when i heard that term and was huh? are you kidding me ? more stuff to learn lol... now i love it . very easy to do .
  6. Is the MH machines worth it?

    Most all of my vectors is svg, rarely eps for me lol . either work for me in Ai.
  7. Thanks Bud.. That job on that sign landed me another job for doing doing decals on a mini sprint race car last year that raced at daytona raceway that was featured live on tv. The driver contacted me and said to have the tv on a certain channel ,Me not knowing why ., Changed the channel and there was my work on a car on tv going around the track. It was the best feeling ever .The car took 4th overall and they did an interview of the driver next to car for a close up ..freakin awesome lol.
  8. Is the MH machines worth it?

    good point @slice&dice . Alot of people do get that confused all the time ,as we always see on here lol..
  9. @eprcvinyls ive done 4x8 signs and 40 in wide designs on Toy hauler trailers with my 24" cutter all the time . You just have to know how to split things apart and put them back together..Once you learn it, you will be amazed on the size of things you can get away with.. Heres one sample 4x8 double sided, exactly what the customer wanted.
  10. Is the MH machines worth it?

    @cardudenc any thoughts?
  11. Is the MH machines worth it?

    Hey bud Its Pip from the other forum.Welcome to the best place on earth lol
  12. Scaling and Artboard Help

    Ya i have no clue.Makes no sense..Wish they would add a little more to it .
  13. Scaling and Artboard Help

    Sorry for the confusion on this , I might be doing this the hard way but its been working fine until i got this last job which is a limo bus which is longer etc than the artboard, I have no idea how to word this and cant get myself to figure what how to solve this on my own. ..I know the limits are set to 227 inches in Ai.... .. And I do things a certain way in Ai to where my images will be larger than the artboard is allowed so i get a more life like look at my previews when i build them in Ai and i use inches as well.. How or what are the percentages used for like 1:20 scaling etc . So if the way im doing it is i guess 1:1 if im correct on that , Where can i find the math part of it to help me shrink my over-all image down to fit the artboard which would make everything shorter etc , and after i get my design like its supposed scale it back up to be the proper number. I really appreciate your links or info provided,Thank you. @cardudenc this might come in handy for you on some large things as well if i get the help on this .
  14. Scaling and Artboard Help

    I dont really design in scalps except for making a shadow or outline or now using the text on the path feature they fixed. Everything else is in Ai thanks to you lol.. And in scalps i can make a 1200x1200 inch artboard which blows away Ai 227 inch size. And now that ive just typed that , I think I might have to try using Scalps for what i need with a large image lol. If it works thanks Wildgoose lol
  15. SC cutter newbie. Need help

    Fingers crossed lol
  16. SC cutter newbie. Need help

    Holy S&%$ lol @Dakotagrafx
  17. SC cutter newbie. Need help

    I spent 2500 on my laptop lol..
  18. SC cutter newbie. Need help

    Lol very true and good point @bikemike.. the more thats running at once the more its stealing from everything else which can cause the issue also. I also see that some people have 2 computers .1 for cutting only and the other for designing etc. Im in the process of setting my system up that way right now . My high end laptop for designing and the other for 1 thing only, Even tho both have more than needed for doing everything .....
  19. SC cutter newbie. Need help

    Well for cardudenc it was lack of ram, after freeing up ram and restarting the software he was using allowed the software to have the ram needed to work properly, So now on his screen in the corner is a little tab he can watch and when it starts climbing above ( lets say 75%) he clicks it and in secs it frees up what it can. I have it on mine but i have no worries due to having 16gb ram. upgrading to 32gb soon. .. Hes only running 2gb ram on his which is not good. And running Ai is a killer for ram hogging. Cardudenc has a newer laptop he just bought and is not going to have this problem with it having more than enough ram and power. Just need to get his software all transferred over . My buddy who doesnt do designing but uses Photoshop and lightroom software like me but has a mac and was having the same problem.His Processor speed was great but lacked ram, So we upgraded to 8gb from 2gb and his problems were fixed as well instantly .. So sometimes its not the software and its the computer. I have noticed some people are buying computers before researching what they need it to run or do,thinking they are getting such a great deal and then find out they have to spend more in the end cause it lacked 1 thing or another.
  20. SC cutter newbie. Need help

    Dakotagrafx i fully agree with you until it doesnt work on a forum ,It always doesnt work out easily for some when they read toms of comments, So hands on is the next best thing and does work. @cardudenchad an issue last night with importing svg files into scalps . And it is now resolved to the problem being that he is pushing his ram in his laptop to the max. Tried figuring it out thru messaging and sending me photos of what he was seeing and it just wasnt working that way , Not everyone can be easily helped and instead needs a one on one only because they may get themselves overwhelmed with too much help. I used to be one of them when i first started using Ai and Scalps ,And thanks to Wildgoose for things he has taught me outside of the forum..... but it was hard to do without seeing what was really going on with cardudenc issue.. So I had to do a Live view with him. And i actually do it a lot with others cause its much easier to help that way with others. .Once i Physically seen what it was doing and did some svg file tests with svg files and exporting etc .Ran a simple FREE software from the web that tells me how much ram is being used while he has several programs running at once ,And it was using up to 86% of ram which affected everything . When he imported the Vector file to Scalps it would show nothing until you ran the mouse over it and then it would make an outline image of his work.. Ai was even slow at running while i checked everything But after running the Ram cleaner it sped up as well... Ran the Ram cleaner to free up ram resources and also restarted scalps and it was fixed... He needs to add ram for he is at 2gb and 4 will be just fine to fix it. In know cause i added to my other laptop before i had my new one built and the ram upgrade solved it on mine as well... So sometimes things cant be just resolved thru chatting on a forum. But i do try to post on the forum until i see its not getting anywhere fast enough for the person asking for help, so i offer direct help.. Im just one of those people who enjoy helping no matter how busy i am with my own work. And @cardudenc @zip2it @fatih @Chriscarp746 @Powerboss are just a few of tons ive helped one on one and they continue to get ahold of me anytime they need something . I hate seeing people struggle to long,
  21. SC cutter newbie. Need help

    Sure can lol. Ill send you a pm
  22. Still going strong

    Thats great you have another business to help get things sent to you. Thats one way to get the word out for sure. Just as a reference ,I use vista print for my website host and i pay like $18 a month for unlimited pages,video,image uploads etc . It was really easy to setup using a template which they have tons to choose from...once i had everything together on my end it was a piece of cake . I dont do any direct selling on mine,but can . but a lot of people go to it to see some of my stuff. I need to go update more photos etc on there this next week actually.
  23. Still going strong

    Glad to hear bud, Keep up the great work. You have a website yet?
  24. Scaling and Artboard Help

    I think i understand a little now . Ill keep everyone posted on this. Just wish they would update to make it so it will be much larger than just the 227 limit. I havent checked corel yet. I really dont like corel like i do Ai.