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  1. Clear transfer tape only picking up black and white

    ditto- paper tape
  2. How would you handle this?

    I wash all clothing no mater where it comes from first off........This is a tough one for me to decide on what i would really do, I know that a customer supplied shirt is to be a gamble due to the technicality of how it was washed etc , But for me whether or not they supplied the shirt or not ,the main issue was with the transfer which in turn ruined the product not the clothing having an issue. I personally would have to replace the customers clothing .It was not the clothing that caused the issue in this matter. What if you did a decal on a vehicle and for some godly reason the adhesive ruined the clear coat due to a mix up in the chemical adhesive ( Not that this would really ever happen but just an example) .The material you supplied to put on the vehicle ruined the paint, Does that mean your not liable for fixing their paint job ? Or tell the customer since you supplied the vehicle i wont take care of you but i will give you a Sorry but whatever product im supplying that ends up having a defect to cause an issue falls on myself or the manufacturer who supplied the item... I would have to eat the cost of the shirts and put it on the supplier if possible, otherwise eat it and move to another supplier,, But what do i know... lol..
  3. looking for laser etcher on here for glass

    sounds good ,will do.
  4. I started doing some chemical etching on glass with a design i did for my dads school. i have the rights to the design and i have re-designed it to a better look. But im deciding whether to try and find someone who does laser etching etc to make better use of the time lol.. I will supply the glasses as needed unless someone can get a better deal instead,,Please contact me and i will supply the images of choice we will be possibly using .Im just looking for a quote for the laser time and shipping, glasses etc. Right now we are using stemless wine glasses. I can supply my cell number if needed to make it better to communicate. Unless someone can tell me a laser machine i can buy instead under or around $1500 or so. Thank you for your time buddies. By the way i havent been on here much due to the internet is crappy and its limited use per data package lol..
  5. looking for laser etcher on here for glass

    @Go-C Graphics ?
  6. Text on path just looks... off...

    @88x nice job bud...thanks alot.. Ive been away working on other projects like my photography as well... Just upgraded my whole photo kit., Now i will be doing both lol
  7. how to load straight

    @mckenna.mengelkoch...Very true what Wildgoose says, I actually ended up taking one side of the rulers that are adhered and flipping it around, ( Because the numbers are switched on one side from the other and made a big difference when i started, Now i just align by site and forget about using the back side of the ruler. Also add some light to your cutter front like i did ,cheap to do and simple as well without messing with warranty.
  8. Can you sub on canvas

    I need more info bud on this lol
  9. New SCALPS4PRO Update version 4.064 is out.

    No problem bud..
  10. Trouble with Oracal 631

    i use the greenstar transtape for 631, havent had an issue yet
  11. keep me posted on any new info.. also ill tag @Wildgoose to see if he has ever heard of this ...
  12. was this in a business or home.. that almost looks like cigarette nicotine which i have seen happen before when a wall has absorb cigarette smoke for years and then they try to paint over it ,but it never works unless its properly treated... but not with vinyl.Moisture yes...Are you able to go and personally check this .If so i would install a sample piece for my self.. Very strange.
  13. Any help please!

    Use the USB port,Its the best.. I have the titan 2 28" .. And you dont need another ground on that cutter. Sounds like you bought a used unit? Since you had to buy a new motherboard? If it was used, there could of been issues before with it from previous owner if true..or you are the original owner and warranty ran out. For the usb port issue. Sounds like a bad connection. I thought mine was acting up once and it was the cable. What length of cable are you running to your Pc etc?
  14. HTV

    Love the Siser HTV easyweed and stretch
  15. Good transfer tape to ship large decals

    Here is the link of what i use..
  16. Good transfer tape to ship large decals

    I use oracal 651,751 etc with the greenstar med tack paper trans tape from uscutter. works perfect and never a issue from anyone in over 2 years .
  17. What would you charge for these vehicle decals?

    @KC10Chief do you have spreadsheet calculator that helps you in what it costs just in material to make something ?that way you know exactly what it costs in material? Sent you a PM
  18. Quote Calculator

    Try @busterbay or @buster . one of them helped me with modding mine to hold more info for my calc i had. But i know the name had buster in it lol.
  19. Weeding suggestions

    you can also use the back end of a bic pen with a small piece of double sided tape on it .that you just dab the stars out with , if you understand what im saying.. Or the weeding tool for HTV that has a really nice hook style on it ,grabs really good. Siser Weeder Pick Tool from uscutter.
  20. I give up with these damn printers

    im on my 3rd set of carts on mine.
  21. I give up with these damn printers

    @Go-C Graphics-Just over a month or so. Is that too new lol? Found out another bud of mine has had his ever since its came out and he hasnt had a issue either. Thats another reason i decided to get it .
  22. Fidget spinner template

    No problem bud.What you can do is get one and scan it on a printer as color and then you have a image for tracing etc. Or you can scan it as high res and send me the image and i can go from that as starters. You can also try vector magic as well. Which i prefer to use over scalps trace program,I havent taken the time to learn the trace in scalps yet lol... But i really like vector magics outcome a lot.
  23. I give up with these damn printers

    thats strange,, My epson 7610 has been working like a charm with stock ink.Havent upgraded to the refill carts or tank system yet.
  24. Fidget spinner template

    If you can get me a photo of one that your going to use and the measurements i will see what i can do to help, but you will need to do some leg work first.