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  1. ZombieWrangler

    Howdy from a new Texas Vinlyist.

    All the talk about the 751/951 had made it sound like it's the way I need to go, I just ordered some Orcal samples from the garage sale. I have a lot of the Green star stuff that came with the starter kit to practice with, it's been working well, but I have no idea of it's longevity since I've only been at this a month.
  2. ZombieWrangler

    Here's a sign for your shop.

    Thanks, great idea. I am now sure reading through this forum is going to make me a lot of extra work All good though...
  3. ZombieWrangler

    Howdy from a new Texas Vinlyist.

    I had spent way too much over the years buying vinyl graphics for my Jeep, ZombieWrangler, and with the harsh nature of off-roading they were starting to show some age, had damaged some parts, mud and dirt and many power washes had started peeling parts away. I decided to redo all the lettering at once, and figured I would outfit new newest family member, ZombieElement, I was staggered by the cost to get custom work done. I looked at the small hobby units, but it just wouldn't do the scale of my ideas. That landed me here and with a Laserpoint II starter bundle. So I jumped in head first and cleared the initial obstacles, but now I've got to step back and read a little more of the instructions. Love it so far, have made my share of dumb mistakes like trying to cut too close to the edge and not setting home point right, but so far so good. I was already an IT professional and web designer, so the setup and application use has been pretty easy. My questions are now more like 'how do you know when a blade needs changing' and what materials work best for what applications and are there speed/pressure guidelines that might work better than the default settings for some things.. Now I'm off to go read through topics, I'm sure there is months worth of tips to catch up on. Thanks USCutter, great machine, tutorial videos, and now I'm looking forward to the community. Alex ZombieWrangler