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  1. cmwyke

    Help understanding

    I cut with flexi
  2. cmwyke

    Help understanding

    not sure what to say then, kind of crazy really
  3. cmwyke

    Help understanding

    I don't know much about Signcut itself, but maybe try a different file format? pdf, ai, svg, something like that? If you need it converted to any of those, let me know.
  4. cmwyke

    Help understanding

    What is the center that you are referring to that is missing? It all appears to be there to me.
  5. cmwyke

    New Printer

    So we're finally getting a printer. It's coming with UV ink. I've read about half and half it seems as to whether or not to use this kind of ink to print banners, or vinyl. I'd like to hear everyone's opinion as to why, or what to use, or just anything to help me understand what the difference in these inks are. Thanks
  6. cmwyke

    Maltese Cross

    Thanks for the help, that's much better than what I was coming up with for a trace. That photo was about the biggest I could post on here, had to shrink it by about 75% before it was small enough to post.
  7. cmwyke

    Maltese Cross

    I've got several, just not one that looks like the attached one. Was hoping to be able to keep consistency.
  8. cmwyke

    Maltese Cross

    We've recently been asked to do some lettering for our fire department. They have a maltese cross currently that we don't have. I was hoping that someone out there had this one they could share.
  9. cmwyke

    New Cutter and can't set it up

    New blade was something we were thinking about anyway as the cutter came with TintTek blades, wasn't sure how they would work on vinyl. Current settings are somewhere around 20 force, 15 speed, 3 quality, and 8 offset with an "other" blade. Cutting strip was looking kinda weird, we were thinking about replacing it.
  10. We just came across a really good deal on a Vinyl Express Q100, which we understood is pretty much the Graphtec fc7000, it uses the same driver and everything. Upgraded our MH-721. Problem is, we can't seem to get it set up correctly, it lifts the corners of the vinyl where it's cutting. Lowering the force gets rid of that problem a little, but then it's almost not completely cutting through the vinyl. This cutter has so many options and settings that are way above and beyond our 721, but as of now, we have to cut with the 721 since it does a better job. I know that can't be the truth, anyone have any idea on how to properly set up this cutter? Any and ALL help would be greatly appreciated.
  11. cmwyke

    Needing Coozies

    I'm needing about 100 coozies printed for a friends wedding. Kinda hard to explain, but she wants the kind that are foam, but rigid and already round, not the ones that can be flattened. Simple 1 color design, we will supply artwork, shipped to zip 37166. If you could email me at Thanks.
  12. cmwyke

    What cutter to get?

    If you don't really have the money for a graphtec, what cutter would you guys recommend someone to buy?
  13. cmwyke

    Lighted Sign vinyl

    I understand that everyone says to use translucent vinyl on a lighted sign, but what are the problems with using Oracal 651?
  14. cmwyke

    Motorcycle Handlebars

    If anyone can point me in the right direction here it would be great. All I'm looking for is some simple handlebars off of like a roadster motorcycle. maybe with brake handles. thanks in advance.
  15. cmwyke

    Candy dish etches

    thanks, grabbed that as well