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  1. Guess Im the only one with this problem! And the US Cutter tech's dont seem to know either. I looked at some signs I did 6months ago when I first got this cutter and it wasn't doing this then. any input on this problem would be grateful!
  2. Hello all: We are having trouble with our fairly new MH-871 plotter leaving waves in stead of strait lines. Take a look at the picture Im posting with this post and see what you think. What Im using: US Cutter MH-871 Purchased in May 2011 Sign Cut Pro Serial connection Dell computer with windows 7 2 Gig Ram 2 SATA drives Main drive 150gig with 110 gig free space. Things that I have tried or have had to replace recently: Mother Board Z-Chip Different cutting program New Blade Sprayed WD40 in blade holder ran plotter at slower and faster speeds changed blade pressure called US Cutter Support I need help this dosnt look good on the signs im doing but I have no choice but to do them.
  3. It sounds like it is your Zchip, while it is easy and inexpensive to fix its aggravating that it pops so easily from minimal static. Just go to US Cutter and order you 2 or 3 Z chips so you have some back ups. They are 5.00 each. We have grounded our machine and the stand it sits on it will still pop the Z chip just from the static that builds up on the vinyl while pulling off the roll. What I found that works is I will make sure that the amount of vinyl I need for the job is pulled off the vinyl roll then I spray Static Guard ( This can be purchased at LOWE'S comes in a spray can ) on the underside of the vinyl as well as the plotter itself and this has seemed to help us stop the static issue! Hope this helps
  4. Hi all I have been using my 14" US Cutter since I started doing small vinyl and banner jobs. I have a sign job that I can get that requires my letters to be about 3ft tall and probably 2 to 2.5 wide. Im going to need to cut 20 letters. Im thinking that this job will pay for the 36" plotter that I have been wanting to get from US Cutter for a while. My question is will the 36" wide plotter stay on track to cut a letter that would be 36" tall? I have read where the less expensive plotters are not good to use if you are going to cut over 1 or 2ft? Thanks Bobby
  5. Streamline

    anyone want to print some decals for me?

    If you want to go to our sight and check us out a little go to: We print full color stickers and they are laminated to stand up to fuel being spilt on to them. We sponsor several RC Racing companys and Full Scale Companys. I would be happy to give you a price on the work you need! I probably will throw in free shipping for you if that helps! email me at: if would like a quote on this! I should beable to get them to you fast! See ya:
  6. Streamline

    SignCut Pro vs: Flexi Starter/w Contour Cut

    Ok Good... Thanks for the help!!!!
  7. Streamline

    Propsal for screenprinted t-shirts

    They have not emailed me...Guess they got it already.
  8. Im trying to figure out what looks to me like the same problems yall are having. Im trying to cut a motorcycle image out with many little cuts that need to be weeded and hardly any of them are completely cut out there seems to always be a small piece left uncut and this reeks havoc on us! Im now using Flexi 8 program with the new Flexi drivers from US Cutter and even with all that still same issue. Im not good yet with knowing how to set the offsets settings and all that so I hope as I read yalls posting I can figure out what I need to do also!
  9. Streamline

    USCutter Driver Pack

    Thanks a BUNCH for that update! Finally got my MH365 to work better with Flexi because of the new USCutter drivers. Thanks!
  10. Streamline

    Help with file

    Hi; Is either one of these prints what you are looking for. I wasn't for sure on just what you are looking for. If these two prints I did is close or similar to what you are looking for you can distort your .jpeg image in Corel like this using your emboss tools under bitmaps. Hope this helps if not I can try again for you!
  11. Streamline

    Propsal for screenprinted t-shirts

    Hello my name is Bobby owner of out of North Ga. If you will email me at with as much info as you can give me about this job! I will work you up a deal for this job. These type of jobs are what our company is known for in my area and I would be glad to see what I can do for you! We have a different process that we can do the names and numbers for each shirt more affordable for our customers and us and it will still be printed...No direct to garment printing here all our printing is using pastoral inks. I also need your location that the shirts will be sent to, How many at one time you will need, I need each division laid out with time frames for shirts to be completed. There usually has to be at lest a 2 week time frame for turn around on these jobs. There will need to be more info about this job but I will deal with that with you through emails and phone calls. Check out our website for more info on us also at: Thanks for your time; Bobby
  12. Streamline

    SignCut Pro vs: Flexi Starter/w Contour Cut

    I have been wondering what the Flexi Starter was because I my self have looked into using Flexi because a few of my friends have it but I have never seen any Flexi program that cheep??? I have not purchased a cutter program yet and I to use Corel X4 seeing how im in the learning stages for using a plotter and cutting software would the Flexi Starter be a good way to start out if I was going to spend the money?? Im using windows xp home and a small refine us cutter plotter MH365
  13. Streamline

    New user: Had a question about setting limits in Signcut?

    Ok now im getting somewhere the application launcher they are referring to in Corel strangely enough I have never used! That is were send to signcut has been hiding!!! I have been trying to find it in my tool bar tabs or under file!! :- Thats the problem sometimes of only doing one set of things with software you don't ever find out how much is available and how easier things can be in the software you are using till you take time to learn new stuff! Now that I found the send to SC button when I get back in today I will try using that to send the artwork to plotter and see if it will stay on track this time and not shift its lines off course during its cutting. Thanks again for that info and the help; "CRD" I will update as soon as I can do a test!!
  14. Streamline

    New user: Had a question about setting limits in Signcut?

    Ok thanks guys for the help!!!! At this time I have given up on the print directly out of Corel X4 like a printer would for now!! What I have been doing is I downloaded the Signcut Pro and at this time I can only export out in EPS.file to be able to see picture in SC. When I try to export out in a PLT.file I get a lot of lines and no picture in SC Im sure its just some setting I will learn over time! My question is I noticed that the eps.file when cutting out in SC my images after a bit seems to all start shifting to the right? I have read in places on here about different settings that you have to use when exporting files. Is there a way I have to export files to prepare for some kind of offset that happens in SC? If a picture would help I will try to get one uploaded! Thanks ahead of time for any help on this!!!
  15. Streamline

    New user: Had a question about setting limits in Signcut?

    Corel is what I mainly use at work, Im not the best there with it but I know my way around it pretty well. The problem I have is I've been unable to make the plotter show up as a printer. I think there must be a driver I need to use other than what I have in order to make the plotter show up as a printer?