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  1. ladymare

    custom print rolls?

    Not sure where to post this, so admin delete if necessary. I'm looking for someone who could do a few rolls (12, 15 or even 24 wide) of some custom print sign vinyl... I'd like to know about what it'd run me. I just want some simple stuff, like chevron patterns, quatrefoil, etc and the same for HTV vinyl. Anyone interested in running me a quote?
  2. ladymare

    identifying script font in image

  3. ladymare

    Legal Question

    I forgot to update you guys. I went and spoke with a JAG attorney about the situation and he basically laughed his butt off and told me she was an idiot. He helped me write and email back to her basically telling her such. I haven't heard a thing back from her in about 2 weeks.
  4. ladymare

    Legal Question

    Legal Question - I got a cease and desist letter from a private seller stating I'm using their design in my etsy shop. However I have purchased the images separately and put the weapons together to spell "LOVE" which is very popular on my shop. I looked up the trademark she has and all of her weapons are different though - the overall look is similar. If you were to search it out on Etsy you would find HUNDREDS of listings for similar art decals (which understandably doesn't really help me any). Also should be noted they said "Trademark" which i believe is completely different from the word "copyright." I looked her TM # up and she does indeed have it for HER image. What do I do? Find my own representation? I feel like this is that weird gray area of intellectual property. I'm scheduling an appointment with JAG in the morning since it's available to me, but thought I'd ask you guys first - plus they aren't open til the morning. :/ There is about a 50% (+) difference between mine and hers.
  5. ladymare

    identifying script font in image

    I have the worst time getting what the font to work with a script. Anyone know this one?
  6. ladymare

    Thermoflex not sticking!

    Sorry, i totally forgot I posted this here. Finally called Specialty and it was a bad batch of Green.
  7. ladymare

    Thermoflex not sticking!

    I'm going nuts! I've never had HT not stick to a garment before. I'm using green thermoflex and I cannot for the life of me get it to stick to a 58 cotton/39 modal/ 3 spandex shirt. Only pieces of it are sticking. It's the strangest thing! I've pressed one of these shirts before (I think it was the same - unless the manu changed their percentages) using other colors of thermoflex and it was just fine. I haven't tried any of the other colors yet on these again. I guess that's the only way to know if its the shirts or the vinyl.
  8. The Specs: LP1, mac OS mavericks, SCALP (current), Oracal 651 The Story: This is becoming more and more of an issue. It started out as annoying and only a slight problem, but now I'm wasting tons of vinyl. Cutter cuts perfectly for 15" and below rolls. If I use a 24" roll, it gets whacky on pressure. I have an image I've been cutting a ton of lately. I can cut that image vertically (11X23) on a 15" Roll just fine. If I turn the image and use a 24" roll the very center of my machine cuts WAY too deep and cuts all the way through the paper, catches and makes a HUGE mess. I've adjusted the pressure. The outsides of the image cut perfect, like butter to weed. The center does this mess thing. What's the deal? It's a new blade and it's on the same blade height setting as I've always run it.
  9. ladymare

    Not sticking to particle board

    Sorry! Totally forgot I had this open. I switched from spray paint to Acrylic craft paint and It's been working perfectly. I chose particle board because for $20 I can get 14 12X24 boards, reducing my cost. The other 2 boards are about 10X24.
  10. ladymare

    ladybug car?

    HAHAHAHA Thanks!!
  11. ladymare

    ladybug car?

    I got asked to do my first international order and I'm not sure where to begin. A friend of mine in England needs her Citroen C1 turned into a giant ladybug. I want to do the eyelashes around the headlights and she wants a face and such... Anyone know where I can get a ladybug face graphic for a vehicle?
  12. ladymare

    Not sticking to particle board

    I'm having the worst time! I have a customer that ordered a "subway" sign 12X24 particle board. I spray painted it with rustoleum satin red. I'm using a white 651 to apply the wording and the sucker just does not want to stick. The husband and I have spent well over an hour cutting away application tape (RTape AT65) and burnishing with our fingers to get it to stick. Not at all cost effective. Any advice? Different paint? Spray adhesive? The customer had a great idea with these and I'd love to add a few to my shop, but not at this rate! Thanks in advance!!
  13. ladymare

    font on this glass

    Anyone know this font? And Thank you so much for your time!!!
  14. ladymare

    sudden crashing

    Not totally sure what's going on the SCALP but out of nowhere it's crashing when I import an .svg. Only svgs! .ai still comes in fine. We were trucking along just fine for months now... Anyone else?
  15. ladymare

    creating silhouette

    Thank you Wildgoose! That actually actually is a huge time saver for me on another file I had! I've been going through hand deleting those stupid repeats for forever!