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  1. Well i am not sure what i did but now its up and running with fw 3.2 I unistalled and reinstalled vista driver and CM software and reinstalled plotter to system. Anyway, thanks guys. dr
  2. Yes, reflashed it and did a reset with the up arrow. Guess I will call Graphtec tomorrow. The flash updates the firmware in the machine. I had 3.0 and was trying to go to 3.2, now i have a dead machine. Anyway, i hope it is something simple. dr
  3. Updated the fw on my CE5000 from 3.0 to 3.2 and now i get a GPGL Error 1 when the plotter turns on (after pressing roll 1 command) Any ideas? Was working fine before. dr
  4. machina

    calibrate XY axis

    OK, maybe I am talking about tracking. I will do a 6x6 test and report back and check out the user manual. Thanks for the tips. dr
  5. Been cutting some longer vector images lately (48" +) and noticed that there is some difference in the X vs Y dimension. The longer plot length makes the problem more noticeable. Is there a way to calibrate the plotter to get the tolerance equall? Thanks, dr
  6. machina

    vinyl for compound curves

    Need to wrap headlights, tailights, fogs, mirrors for track cars. Will any cast vinyl work? The callendered i have is a no go, is cast really that much more flexible? Also, do you have to use heat with cast or does it just lay down on its own? Looking for matte finish that will remove easily. Thanks, dr
  7. So I need to do some temporary graphics on a black car but really worried about clearcoat peeling upon removal. Oracal 631 is low tack, will it be 100% removable after a few days? Have seen some scary results removing some films on other clear coated cars. Thanks, dr
  8. machina

    kids room graphic

    Chandelier wall decal. Had to do it in 2 tiles, overall size is about 36" x 48" She loves it.
  9. machina

    Just because

    your house is worth $6.50 ? OK, deal.
  10. machina

    Some pics of my shop

    Hey, is that an SCCA logo on your workbench? I just cut one for the back of my truck. Was a bitch weeding the wire wheel. dr
  11. machina

    Read this one...

    OK, so if Joe wanted to add the title "CAMARO" or "CHARGER" to his illustration, would that be enfringement? Assuming he used an original font style and did not use any official logo with it.
  12. machina

    Just because

    Nobody get their panties in a wad, its just for my own consumption.... Repeat....this is not for sale....
  13. machina

    Baby Mya's Nursery

    I made a small graphic (24" x 24") for my cousin's new baby and his wife made him take it down because she was worried about the vinyl outgassing I sent her the MSDS on the Oracal 651 but she still thought it was too dangerous. I think she is loosing it.
  14. machina

    can you cut from cs4

    Sure, just print to the cutter and then the plotter control comes up and there you go. Also have plugin for Illustrator CS4 that uses Cutting Master dialog. All work perfectly. Running Graphtec CE5000-60 by the way. dr
  15. machina

    Design in progress: New Camaro

    Nice but i would try without the reflections on the hood. dr