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  1. Dr12volt1338

    Sign Blazer to Adobe Illustrator

    They are the same method my way just eliminates the risk of not unchecking the "Selected" box in the export screen for SB
  2. Dr12volt1338

    Two Color Wrap - Application Ideas?

    http://www.conquerertools.com/index.php?cPath=10&sort=2a&page=8&token=d2456368e95c235472af0b909072e0b0 These are what I use I have the Blue Max also but the oranges are nicer... make sure you order a handle also... I use one like the 1058 but I don't see the ones I have listed there anywhere.
  3. Dr12volt1338

    what am i doing wrong?

    This will need some cleaning but it's a good start. SS.eps SS.svg
  4. Dr12volt1338

    My daughters room

    Oracal makes a vinyl made for wall art. It comes off easier when its time to remove it... It's their 631 series.... I use Greenstar myself doesn't come off to bad with a little heat...
  5. Dr12volt1338

    A office wall I did .

    When you say it is a brown glaze around them what do you mean? Do you have a name or link for the actual product?
  6. Dr12volt1338

    Sign Blazer to Adobe Illustrator

    Open the file in SB> Select ALL> Export as >EPS (make sure you know where it exported too.) Open AI. Import or Open ( Sorry I am drawing a blank on which it is.) the file in AI. Select all again Then save as an EPS file
  7. Dr12volt1338

    Two Color Wrap - Application Ideas?

    If it were me I would apply it in 2 separate layers. The solid black wet no mask. Give it PLENTY of time to dry and since I am a window tinter by trade I have the proper hard large squeegees I would need... I would then apply the red layer.... On the left side of the design make sure you give yourself plenty of room for the overlap on both layers but I would alternate the long side and short side for the over lap from the red to black layer... I would soak the van and the vinyl with app fluid have the van marked out with masking tape so you have a good solid outer edge so lining everything up is a breeze. Before you try and apply the red layer make sure the black layer is dried this will make life easy.... Also make sure you have at least 1 extra set of hands available. Again this is just the way I would do it as I am used to tinting glass so I am used to working with large pieces of film. Everyone has to find a way they are comfortable with. As long as it looks good in the end there is no real wrong way to do it.. Some may be more work or take longer but until you have alot of practice you have to do what you feel you are most comfortable with. As an added note with something that large I would get yourself an Orange Crush Squeegee and handle. It will allow you get the water out from between the film and van... Put a scrap piece up there to practice on you want to push hard but not hard enough to scratch or tear the film... Also you will need to have a heat gun you may have to heat the film to get it to seat probably in the body lines or channels and along the contour....
  8. Dr12volt1338

    First Banner

    That will be a perfect one to practice on! you will be able to practice on straight lines and curves!
  9. Dr12volt1338

    My latest vector.

    Thats awesome.... My computer didn't load the second image right away I was looking at the first one thinking there is NO way that is cut.... LOL it's going to be one of those days
  10. Dr12volt1338

    First Banner

    I wasn't knocking your design at all it looks good.... What I did when I was just sitting around with nothing to do is took different images and vectored them and played with node editing now I can do it in a very timely manor.
  11. Dr12volt1338

    First Banner

    He should have done more node editing on the letters.... The design her was working with had some bad spots.... Not knocking you down at all I am just saying I would have cleaned the edges up more... About the greenstar I use a lot of the red and black I have a customer who is always changing and replacing sale banners and yard signs so that is what I use for him.... The big difference I can feel is the Greenstar almost feels "crunchy" compared to Oracal.. Oracal always has a softer more latex feel to it... (Lets keep the jokes and snickering to a minimum )
  12. Dr12volt1338

    Help with Font

    This one is killing me.... Those M's look so familiar but I think the font is on the other computer and the old lady is using that skyping with her relatives out West so I won't be able to look until later...
  13. Dr12volt1338

    Sign Blazer to Adobe Illustrator

    I read it as he has to email it as a CS3 or higher not that he had CS3.. I'm probably misunderstanding sorry...
  14. Dr12volt1338

    need some help please

    It's nothing I have but on Dafont.com check out the Handwritten fonts.... I think there are a couple I see that would pass off pretty well.
  15. Dr12volt1338

    Fastest way to do bulk order of multi colored decals?

    anything more then 2 colors I outsource and have printed... I also try to have them all uniform and neat when I send them out....
  16. Dr12volt1338

    Sign Blazer to Adobe Illustrator

    This is assuming his Adobe is CS3 or higher.......
  17. Dr12volt1338

    "Easiest" beginning software

    With SignBlazer make sure you had it set to OUTLINE and not INLINE....
  18. Dr12volt1338

    "Easiest" beginning software

    I would use both and see which one feels more natural..... There are FAR more people here who use SignBlazer so if you use that and run into an issue it will most likely be easier to locate answers here then it would be for Corel...... SignBlazer will do everything Corel will do and I think it's much easier to cut from SignBlazer...
  19. Dr12volt1338

    "Nobody cares about your family" decal design anyone?

    Thanks Towman I grabbed them.
  20. Dr12volt1338

    New font recognition....

    Any of you other Flexi users, When you install a new font with flexi running do you get a window that pops up saying that the font list has changed and asking if you want to refresh it.... I used to get that in LXi and LOVED it but Flexi doesn't seem to do it......
  21. Dr12volt1338

    New font recognition....

    Probably about the time they come out with Flexi 19 I will be able to afford 10
  22. Dr12volt1338

    New and have some questions

    1. I woudn't spend the extra money for Corel when you can get SignBlazer for free from the forum here... The cutter is a decent ENTRY level machine. (I know others will argue since they use them everyday.) 2. Depending on how intricate your design is 2"x2" on the machine may be stretching it.... You can buy material that is desktop inkjet printable... Has to be Aqueous vinyl. It will not hold up in the sunlight but would probably be just fine for shipping boxes... Although I would think dollar for dollar you could have someone print you rolls of them cheaper with a solvent printer then what you could print these for... 3. You will need to get a high temp sublimation kit or set up to do printed heat transfers.... Richard and Cobra Ink offers complete Epson setups that are WELL worth it for doing printed stuff like this.... 4. There are millions of clipart discs out there. The big auction site and Uscutter offer many. Once you get some more posts in here there are actually a few diesel fans here who have offered some of their diesel designs. I believe you have to get to 25 posts to see that section though.... As with anything if this is something you are serious about buy the best you can supply a budget for.. I think you will be ok with the SC series if you are making larger designs and I think that ordering an EPSON with a high heat sublimation kit is the way to go for the rest of what you are looking to do...... There are a few members here who would be more then willing to give you a price on printing your logo for your boxes and I am sure most all of them have the ability to contour cut them. Just depends on how much you want to invest in each unit. Also Welcome to the forum!!!!!
  23. Dr12volt1338

    need help with berryspray

    Sorry I'm not familiar with that software.... It opens fine in Flexi and SignBlazer.
  24. Dr12volt1338

    New font recognition....

    Seems to be pretty standard that they first made it available in the 10 version... My LXi is compatible with Flexi 10 but it's only the Apprentice....
  25. Dr12volt1338

    need help with berryspray

    What program are you using? You will have to import it