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  1. NatDragon

    Window Vinyl Inside or Outside???

    To take this one step further, I have done back and side windows no problem. Now I am looking at doing the top of a windshield. Being that the windshield is curved and a graduated angle on the sides, I am thinking of taking butcher paper to make a template. I'm pretty sure the dimensions are available, but I have not been able to locate them. Is there a particular site that offers car window templates?
  2. NatDragon

    Long sleeve lettering size

    Thanks! I set them all up as 1.50" stacked. That puts the 2 long names at 15.50" length. Would you still keep the short names at 1.50"? Surprisingly, the M and L sleeves seem to be pretty close to the same length, I have read some put the names centered and some put them 2" down from the shoulder seem, opinion?
  3. Pouring through different forums and I can't seem to find a general consensus on the size of lettering for sleeves. I did read on one post they use 3". Does anyone out there think this is a good size? The customer wants the letters stacked and a couple of kid's names are too long to make them 3" and fit down the sleeve. What do I do in this case? Reduce the size of all the names so the long names fit or just make those two names' lettering less than 3"? Thanks
  4. NatDragon

    Renewed Topic for Dummy

    Thanks. I save as an EPS and then open with SC.
  5. NatDragon

    Renewed Topic for Dummy

    I am ready to go out of my mind! I'm pouring over this subject, trying all the suggestions, and it's looking like I need a "Text from Illustrator to SignCut for Dummies" tutorial!!!! My cutter is flipping out and cutting all kinds of crazy things when I try to cut text! Shapes, no problem. I know I have the letters converted to paths - compound paths. Is that the problem? I've tried them with and without shapes and fills. Could anyone just point me in the right direction? There are a few different answers here and I don't get whether I need to do all of them or if they are just different methods to achieve the same thing.
  6. NatDragon

    shirt from today

    Wow! That's great! Are you using a teflon pillow for the vinyl on your seams, they really look good!
  7. NatDragon

    Awesome Skull Shorts!

  8. I have 2 Hix presses. One is over 20 years old! I have to use a laser heat sensor because the gauge is no longer accurate, but other than that it is a champion! I even e-mailed the Hix corp with a question about it recently and had an answer the next day! Now that's great customer service! There are lots of good machines on the market now, you might want to figure out what style will fit in your price range. Clamshells take up less space, but the swingaways allow more work room for layout.
  9. [/img] I don't know what setting I have messed up, but now I am getting a little v-cut at the ending of the blade strokes as is evident in this picture. Can anyone tell me what I have adjusted incorrectly? I have a Master Cutter XY-300P, not a refine, but this was as close to the category as I saw. Thanks~
  10. It is easily available by the yard in 1/8" and 1/4"
  11. I ordered a roll of mousepad material to cut some custom shapes. I know the cutter will do the thickness as I checked the specs before ordering. Just wondering if others have any advice or experience before I delve into the research and experimentation? Use a 60' blade? Downforce amount? Any help from experience would be greatly appreciated!
  12. NatDragon

    Trojan Swim Team Shirt

    WOW! Fantastic! You are doing this in vinyl???
  13. NatDragon

    Anyone own a Chevy HHR?

    We have one! Love it! Love the retro styling! Go for it!
  14. NatDragon

    Sublimation Ink

    You might be interested in hopping to the t-shirt forum, there are a lot of good explanations there: or Not sure what you intend on printing, but there are a lot of good discussions over there as well.