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    Help with vectorizing or tracing? 50states_assembled.svg 50states_assembled.eps
  2. skarekrow


    With the Text Tool selected, adjust the "Physical Size" of your Glyph(s) where Highlighted in red circle. Use the Select (Arrow) Tool to Adjust the Height or Width (Left of Padlock). Unlock Proportions (Padlock icon) if you need to adjust Height & Width separately.
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    The Products are apparently shipped to the Buyer on (physical) USB Flash Drives.
  4. skarekrow

    New font pack -- famous corporate lettering

    How about The History Channel ?
  5. QUOTE from OP > ... and even the entire cutter swapped out for a new one and I am have the same issue!!! < This would indicate that the problem may likely be with the Computer itself. Windows 10 has presented plotter issues for other users too... maybe install your VinylMaster on an older version of Windows and/or try (free) Signblazer Plotter Program to completely eliminate those variables . Which version of Vinylmaster are you using?
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    The Ioline Cutters are listed in my VinylMaster Pro Setup Wizard.
  7. skarekrow

    help needed please

    Right Mark but, just as likely it all was made from the Serpentine Font. Check the Details in the G, the A, and the C.
  8. skarekrow

    need help cutting vinyl decals by hand

    Practice at 'Hand-Trimming' vinyl is fairly fruitless if your Goal is to get a Cutter. Your Practice time would be better spent working with Imaging Software and Vector Graphics, IMO. There are a few Free Programs such as Inkscape and Sign Blazer that may Better advance your Knowledge Base. 2cents.
  9. skarekrow

    Need a match for this font

    Not sure why there's no other answers... Looks like Franklin Gothic (maybe Bold) ? Might even have a little extra slant added...
  10. skarekrow

    Vector image help needed.

    Here's a few Vectors of the Polish 'Falcon' (Eagle);;tbm=isch&amp;q=polish+falcon+vector&amp;chips=q:polish+falcon+vector,g_18:svg&amp;sa=X&amp;ved=0ahUKEwjBjsW9mdfcAhVxxFkKHb72CE4Q4lYITCgA&amp;biw=1201&amp;bih=548&amp;dpr=1.13 Google is your Friend....
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    Need some help...this might be tough.

    Thanks folks... and Happy 2 Oblige, DNA.
  12. skarekrow

    Need some help...this might be tough.

    Thanks, Goose...
  13. skarekrow

    Need some help...this might be tough.

    Had a few minutes to kill... hope this is of some help; DNA_Portrait_03c.eps DNA_Portrait_03c.svg
  14. skarekrow

    Need help with this.

    Here's a quick, 2 color redraw... Perhaps it can Help you. It's far from perfect but the Price is Right ! NFDA_02b.svg NFDA_02b.eps edit: "Norwich Family Dental Associates" that appears below your posted image looks to be either Times New Roman (bold italic) or the similar, Adobe Caslon ?
  15. skarekrow

    Printable vinyl

    Yup... Figuring out what works best for one's Workflow & Budget is a big deal for a shop. What may work perfect for one may be disaster for another. I print just a few Positives a week to burn Screens with and the OEM Epson pigment inks Print fine, solid Transparencies for the Halftone work, without breaking the Bank. Also have no issues with Chip Reset Workarounds & Schemes.
  16. skarekrow

    Printable vinyl

    Agreed... Wise to stick with the Quality Products and Workmanship. The Graphics Industry has been swept the way of so many other Products and Services these days. Our World is flush with Walmart Mentality and Confusion of Low Price / Good Value.
  17. skarekrow

    Printable vinyl

    There must be a large number of shops using poor quality inks and substrate then. I see a lot of Printed Vinyl that's faded and/or cracked. (or perhaps the Custy's aren't taking proper care of it?)
  18. skarekrow

    Printable vinyl

    I'm with you there, Dakota. I stick to OEM inks in my Epsons as well.
  19. skarekrow

    Printable vinyl

    Sorry, admittedly, I just scanned the Headings. I have to agree with you though Bevins... from what I know about desktop inkjet inks and PU and PolyVinyls, doesn't seem likely that the inks would adhere well or for very long. Seems like they haven't even really perfected the ecosolvent vinyl printing from the amount of it I see fading and peeling.
  20. skarekrow

    Printable vinyl

    It does exist... Here are a few ads for "Inkjet Printable HTV";
  21. skarekrow

    Printable vinyl

    Technical answer to that is, HTV is not Vinyl... It's Polyurethane. Here's a short article that calls out a few of the differences; And I also saw an ad for Inkjet Printable HTV a while back. I can't imagine it holding up but so well.
  22. skarekrow

    Help with Importing Fonts

    Standard Workflow for me is just Drag & Drop Vector files onto a New Document in VinylMaster. My Font files (around 14000 of them Organized into sub-folders) are kept in a Folder on my Hard Drive that I point the Font Manager in Vm to to Browse and/or Add to the Vm Library thru the Font Manager ('Add to Lib' Button). Also, I have had a smoother ride in Vm with ttf (True Type Fonts) than otf (Open Type Fonts). Don't know which Version of Vm you have but, Check the flollowing Vids for more info;
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    Help please .

    a'ole pilikia ... Happy 2 Oblige
  24. skarekrow

    Help please .

    Komica Text is not Exact but very close.
  25. skarekrow

    vectorize logo question

    QUOTE > "if i cant vectorize white colors how do i add white colors where there is no color`?" Take your image into Pixel/Raster based Software such as Photoshop or Gimp and Color the area you are having trouble with to a different Color than the Background. (Inside the white 'Text', in your Example). Re-Vector the adjusted image.