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    using Scal Pro on my 2nd Computer

    Just wanted to let ya'll know that it indeed worked, you def can run 2 scal pros at once. Sorry if it seemed like a noob question Thank you
  2. genesissat

    using Scal Pro on my 2nd Computer

    Oh, I could have sworn it read that you could use on a 2nd but you would have to deactivate the 1st.. Ok I guess i need to go over this again. thanks for the reply
  3. Hello everyone, I've been vinyl cutting for 3 months now and been learning every thing the hard way but good lessons have been learned. I have One older desktop and one new laptop that i bought so i wouldn't have to lug my desktop around to fleamarkets, tradeshows etc. So I was wondering, has anyone deactivated SCAL Pro on their Computer to use it on another. I am afraid of losing all my saved work on the program. Any information that ya'll can share would be greatly appreciated. thanks, Marc