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    Cutter cutting more than its supposed to

    Sure cuts a lot
  2. I have an sc model and everything was working great on it for several months until today. I am trying to cut an 11x11 image and the machine keeps making two or three passes over what was originally cut and is cutting more than its supposed to. I cut this project a couple of days ago with no issues problem just started today. Closed that project and decided to try a different project that I have done before and am recieving the same problem. When reviewing the project in the program everything looks fine. Cutting preview looks right however the cutting preview and the end result are nothin alike. Going to uninstall the program and reinstall it and see if that helps and am running it by serial not USB. Thanks for any help I can get.
  3. Ericjgidney

    Cutter Issues?

    Thanks will try these suggestions
  4. Ericjgidney

    two mirrors i just finished

    Here are two mirrors i just finished. What do you think?
  5. Ericjgidney

    Cutter Issues?

    I could use someones help. I usually have no issues cutting graphics but when it comes to cutting the raiders logo it pulls off vinyl while cutting. I changed blade offsets, changed blades, changed angle blades, changed vinyl both thicker and thinner and nothing seems to work. This is for a small project like a 4x4 picture. This would not be an issue for a decal but I am using for etching and so it eats the things I need to keep. Sorry and the cutter is an sc model
  6. Ericjgidney

    does anyone have this please

    Thanks they were for my mother in law.
  7. Ericjgidney

    A couple samples of etched mirros

    Where did you get the mirrors? Looking for a place with decent prices.
  8. Ericjgidney

    does anyone have this please

    I did search this forum and also google but was wondering if anyone had the below graphic? Thanks
  9. Sorry my sc cutter with stand.
  10. Ericjgidney


    Figured it out. You have to open the program and then open project. Can't believe you can't just click on the project and it open?
  11. Ericjgidney


    First time user and I did a graphic but did not want to cut just yet so I attempted to save see the file but when I open I receive "invalid project type" error. Have tried several different ways but not working for me.
  12. Ericjgidney

    Newby oopsie, now thinking

    I would use it as a stencil. Even if you have to trace around it it is still usable to someone
  13. I just unpacked my machine last night and am attempting to put the sure cuts a lot software on my computer. I have used three different computers with three different windows operating systems but each one is treating it like it is a blank disk.
  14. When this arrived yesterday I was thrilled till I opened the boxes and found no instructions except the disk so I realized hey they must be on the disk. Then I find the info on the disk and it is a parts list with one very bad picture of what it is supposed to look like assembled. I finally got it put together last night after having to take some screws out and readjusting things. For example the top braces that hold the machine you might want to explain how the brackets go on like place the brackets so that the higher edges sit to the inside etc. just a thought I know it's not rocket science but decent instructions would be a good thing. I have been in sales all of my life and when you send items without decent instructions the customer feels like I bought the equipment that's all the company seems to care about. Maybe it's just me sorry for the rant...