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  1. Graphtec CE 5000-60, Corel Draw, Cut master 3. Use to cut great , now when cutting rounded or circles it is "jumpy" or jagged. I must be missing a setting when I use Tangential to eliminate the hangnails (over cut) it is Much Much worse. What am i missing??? New blade, New protective Teflon strip. attached are my settings with CM 3 Thank you George
  2. george234

    Graphtic FC 5100 with flexi question

    New to FLEXI 12. when sending cut to Graphtec FC 5100 it only cuts numbers and letters in real small font along the outer edge of the vinyl, for several feet. Flexi sends to my printer just fine, but not the cutter.. It works well thru Corel Draw and Cut master 2. The FC 5100 is suppose to cut thru Flexi, Any help.. Thanks George
  3. I have been told by a restarurant owner that the cups I sublimate ( from US Cutter) are thin and they wont last long in a restaurant setting. Have anyone had experence in this? and/or where can I get the thicker mugs to sublimate? ALSO How does the sublimation image last in a restuarant? thank you george Lakewood Graphics
  4. The inside of the letter is an example, the tiny little spot where the blade starts and stops, it needs to go to an overcut, which i cant fine..
  5. OK OFFSET ANGLE this one is set for 30 another blade new from Graphtec no difference
  6. Brand new blade from Clean Cuts I should try another blade anyway.. maybe worth a try.
  7. Here is how it lifts up, just at a tiny tiny point where the blade didnt cut, Need overcut. Havent found it on CM3 yet. These are about 1/2" letters... with Oracal 651 vinyl Thanks
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    George photo
  9. It is on blade , thanks, Now I need to find out how to post photos here,
  10. Yep blade is set as you mention.. And I don't see an overcut setting on Graphtec, there was an overcut on the SC cutter . Must be named different with Graphtec
  11. Cutting at least 1/2" but it does it on larger cuts also,, just in that one pesky little spot.
  12. I dont mean the vinyl lifts whle cutting, only when weeding the cut area that stays lifts with the weed because of the little tips where the blade starts and stops. Sure I can send a photo
  13. Having problem with those little pesky tips where the blade stops and starts its cuts, Alright for large cuts but for small details weeding is a pest. The tips keep pulling up the cut vinyl, I have tried several settings. Including: Offset 0-5 Speed 8-15 Acceration 1-5 Cutforce 15-25 and Tried the Tangential either off or on and different mm settings. ANYBODY? What is the best settings. Should I set the Tangential cut, is this like overcut in the SC cutters? I am using ClearCut blades , NEW ( Remfact) CE 5000 windows 8 Cutting Master 3.